Beware of the LIMS, Assembly Required, Batteries not Included…

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I have noticed tons of job postings from customers who have purchased a LIMS who, apparently, need developer help to make it work.  Just take a look at this link to LIMS Developer Jobs.  I would have thought that when you purchase a LIMS that it would come pre-assembled and not in pieces such that you need a developer to make it work.  I guess the box it comes in should say “WARNING!  Assembly Required, batteries not included”.

Once, I thought that the number of job postings for a LIMS was a good indication of how popular it was.  However, after reviewing those job descriptions more carefully, I have come to the personal conclusion and opinion that apparently the system is delivered to the customer far from being complete, else why would the customer have to hire developers to get it to work for them.  It is no wonder that some LIMS are so expensive if you have to hire developers to make it work.  Just look at the job openings for LIMS developers and see what LIMS needs that sort of help.

If you have to hire developers to get a LIMS to work, this adds to your cost and lowers your overall implementation quality.  The best LIMS for your lab is one that has the least amount of gap between your requirements and the off-the-shelf software.  If you find yourself needing to hire developers to get your LIMS to work for you, then there is a lot of gap between your needs and what the LIMS is capable of.

When you see many job postings from customers for developers to help implement a commercial LIMS, this is not a good sign… Go for the LIMS that does not require teams of developers to make it work.  You will save money, get your system up and running sooner and have better quality overall.

Think about it…. Would you buy a car where you had to hire a mechanic to finish building it?

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  1. One thing to consider is that every lab is different. I don’t expect every LIMS vendor to know every detail about every business that uses a LIMS.

    One strength of a configurabale LIMS is that it can be made to fit almost any lab. But that is also it’s weakness, you could say. It takes a lot of time to configure a LIMS. But it is still a lot faster and cheaper than trying to build from scratch.

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