Healthcare is one of the biggest industries there is, and growing all the time. The need for laboratories to support it has never been greater. In a highly regulated industry such as this, our LabLynx LIMS and LIS solutions provide all of the functions and features you need, whatever your particular type of lab, while ensuring you meet the regulations and standards involved, including CLIA, HIPAA, CAP, CLSI, HL7 and more.

LabLynx understands that healthcare is a busy and demanding industry. Our systems are specifically designed to streamline your work, presenting easy-to-use and intuitive screens and forms, time-saving features such as quick lookups, drop-down picklists, auto-populating of fields, unique IDs and more. It's all aimed at allowing you to put your patients first, delivering fast, accurate results.

Diagnostics and wellness testing span the gamut of areas, from single-user POLs to large hospitals and public health authorities. Each of them is supported by specifically tailored - yet still fully configurable - cloud-hosted or self-hosted LabLynx solutions and editions. These include:

Features That Meet Your Needs

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Certain features of laboratory workflow apply to most clinical labs generally, and you'll find them all in the LabLynx solution editions, including:

  • Accessioning - This may be done by physician clients (e.g. in the case of reference labs) via an online portal where they can both submit Test Requests/Orders and view status and reports securely
  • Assay Assignment - Either manual or by default, this can be automated or semi-automated by specimen type and submitter
  • Results Entry - This may be manual or directly through instrument interface with the LIMS/LIS. Comments/notes and/or files (e.g. images) can be associated also
  • High/Low/In Range - Results are identified relative to appropriate ranges. This can also trigger additional steps or tests.
  • Pos/Neg - Simple detected/not detected results are supported, with the ability to trigger additional testing etc. based on result
  • Sample Pooling - Developed to help with COVID-19 testing demand, our ClinDx clinical LIMS/LIS fully supports sample pooling, maintaining all related data accurately so that individual patients may be followed up with in the event of positive results
  • Reports: Qualitative, Quantitative and History/Trends - The included Report Builder comes with these templates already loaded
  • Client/Patient Portal - Online secure, HIPAA-compliant access for physicians and/or patients to their data
  • Connect with EHR/EMR, billing services, reference labs etc.
  • More - Each individual solution is easily configurable to your particular needs and preferences as part of standard setup

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Compliance with the many standards and regulations in healthcare is something you can trust LabLynx to support you in. Whether hosted on your own servers or on our secure LabLynx Cloud Infrastructure, you can count on the solution to be consistent with all standards, regs and the offices, departments and agencies involved, including the following (some of which overlap):

  • CLIA
  • CLSI
  • CAP
  • COLA
  • TJC
  • CMS
  • IHE
  • HL7
  • 42 CFR part 493
  • HCFA
  • HHS
  • ONC

LabLynx LIMS Manual for the POL
The user & administrator's Guide
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LabLynx LIMS Manual for the POL

Chapter 1 - Introduction to LabLynx LIMS for the POL
The Physician Office Laboratory
Regulatory Compliance
The webLIMS POL System
Optional Plugins
Support Resources
Community Resources
Requirements Checklist
Chapter 2 - Implementation Guide
Implementation Overview
Implementation Checklist
Implementation Options
Chapter 3 - User's Guide
LIS Operation
Order Management
Specimen Batching
Data Entry
Pending List
Report Review/Approval
Patient Management
Instrument Management
Lab Inventory
Reports and Labels
Order Report Archive
Document Record Management
User Guide and Support
Chapter 4 - Administrator's Guide
User Management
Test Parameter Management
Test Management
Test Panel Management
Picklist Management
Control Charts (Levey-Jennings)
Specimen Types
Parameter Groups
Audit Trail
Appendix A - Reference materials
Report Examples
FAQ and Knowledge Base
Appendix B - webLIMS for the POL Datasheet/User Requirements Specification (URSpec)
Architecture and Technology
SaaS and Cloud Hosting
Compatibility and Interfacing
Data Protection
Configurability Customizability Scalability
General Functionality
Standards and Compliance
Features and Functions
Other Lab Functions
Maintenance and Support

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