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Implementation Overview

If you have ever survived an enterprise-class software installation, you'll be relieved to know that your LabLynx LIMS/LIS Solution is not like that. Your LabLynx solution is very deliberately designed to be implemented quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Whether you are simply activating your standard LIMS or LIS, incorporating special customizations and/or integrations, or something in-between, the roll-out period is as smooth, efficient and pain-free one of your in-house procedures.

There are two broad components of implementation: Basic and with options. A basic required implementation is done on all accounts, and the manual is designed to help you accomplish that without the need for buying services. Subscribers, however, also have Setup & Training services, or Optional Plugins available to be included in your order. You may also select any of a number of additional options like interfaces, customizations, validation to a given standard, and more.

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