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If you have ever participated in a stressful enterprise-class software installation, you'll be relieved to know that LabLynx implementations are not like that. Our solutions are deliberately designed to be implemented quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Whether you are simply setting up your software solution, incorporating special customization and integration, or something in-between, we make the the roll-out period as smooth, efficient, quick, and pain-free as possible. Most setup is done through the user front-end of the app itself, without the need for a development process. Training is hands-on, quickly allowing you to learn how to create and configure your own tests with the limits and ranges you want; set your own picklist choices; re-name, hide, or display any fields; create required fields; and more, all in real-time with an experienced instructor, and recorded for your convenience so you can review the training any time you want and use it to train others.

Standard implementation for many accounts is quick and simple, with your solution ready to be set up the same day. Users can follow the manual as our experienced staff work alongside you to configure all the important aspects of your laboratory business during initial setup, and learn how to use the system. Unlimited help desk access is always included with your account.

Setup and training sessions, as well as any of a number of other features and services, can typically begin as soon as you are ready. Your implementation may include any of a number of components, depending on your particular solution and preferences, including:

  • setup and training;
  • customization;
  • integration;
  • validation; and
  • go-live assistance.

Solution Implementation

LabLynx solutions are designed to minimize the amount of work and time required for your laboratory information management system (LIMS) and any associated applications and hardware to be completely operational. Your solution is optimized for your specific type of lab so that configuration and customization are reduced or eliminated. Many solutions can be ready to go within days.

Setup & Training

Correct setup and training are crucial to the successful implementation and daily operation of your system. These services are normally included as part of your solution package, with informational materials and additional support team resources as backup.

Elements of standard setup and training include:

  1. User setup
  2. Report setup
  3. Test setup
  4. Instrument-parameter mappings (if instrument interfaces are desired)
  5. Admin training
  6. User training
  7. System verification (can be factored into each process)

User Setup

Lab Manager Profile Assign.PNG
The first thing that is done once the LabLynx CannaQA LIMS application has been initially provisioned on the LabLynx cloud infrastructure is the setup of at least one user, usually the main LIMS administrator. The online manual supports administrators with step-by-step instructions on setting up users in the "User Management" section. Default role-based access profiles already exist in the system, making it quick and easy to assign to users (you can also copy and make changes to create new profiles with slightly different custom access privileges).

Your LabLynx implementation engineer will help and instruct you, showing you how to set up users, including login ID and password, password expiration, inactivity auto-logout, level of access, etc.

Assign profiles

When setting up a user in the LIMS, a profile that specifies the access level the user is allowed must be assigned. For example, here are three default access level profiles that meet most standard laboratory needs:

  1. LIMS administrator: This is the top level of access, allowing all administrative LIMS functions.
  2. Lab analyst: This is the standard lab user, with the profile designed for all standard laboratory functions.
  3. Office staff: This profile allows for the submission of test requests and orders and viewing and issuing of reports. It does not allow results data entry or other laboratory activities.

As shown in the screenshot, access levels can be different for the same individual for each department or lab site. Again, the assignment of these profiles is performed during setup and training, described in the "User Management" section of the manual. Your particular access profiles will vary according to your specific requirements, and you can add and/or modify profiles to suit your needs.

Report Setup

California Cannabis Standard Report Page 1.jpg
Your LabLynx CannaQA cannabis LIMS solution comes with a standard certificate of analysis (COA) report template already included based on your state or national requirements (see example). Setup will include simply adding your own lab logo, contact information, and authorized signatures. Any desired additions or modifications to notes, disclaimers, etc. may also be done if requested. Several other standard reports are also provided with the LIMS, including a barcode sample label (for the purposes of the LIMS, this is categorized as a report), turnaround time (TAT) report, bench worksheet, and sample backlog report. You can of course request additional reports. The LabLynx Report Builder app is also included with your solution, so you can also choose to make your own modifications or additional reports.

The dedicated report builder allows you to create and edit report templates of any kind, including sample, inventory, and product labels. You can choose to have a barcode on the label (or on any report), since the CannaQA LIMS supports both one- and two-dimensional barcodes of any type. And we keep up with the changing laws, regulations, and standards not only locally but also worldwide, so you can be sure your reports and product labels are compliant.

The LabLynx Report Builder is based on Active Reports and works like most report tools you may be familiar with, such as Crystal or SQL Services Reporting. The work area includes header, footer, and data sections, with controls that allow you to drag and drop elements such as images, data fields, line separators, etc. where you want them. It also supports the use of logic statements and calculations, such as the ability to display a given result or result range as "pass" or "fail," display only the fields for tests that were actually performed, populate charts and graphs, and more.

Test Setup

Probably the most important part of the LabLynx CannaQA LIMS setup is setting up the tests used in the lab. If this isn't correct and complete, then the LIMS core functionality is also jeopardized. Test setup training is included as part of standard setup and training provided by LabLynx. Instructions on how to perform test setup are also included in the online manual.

There are a number of test profiles specific to cannabis analysis that can be included in our LabLynx CannaQA LIMS, including some with calculated results. You can load the tests yourself, which is time-consuming, or you can choose to have them pre-loaded, with the limit sets required by your state or country. Tests include:

  • Cannabinoid Profile
    • CBC
    • CBD
    • CBD-A
    • CBG
    • d8-THC
    • d9-THC
    • THC-A
    • Total CBD
    • Total THC
  • Edible Cannabinoid Profile
    • As above, plus:
    • Total CBD mg/g
    • Total THC mg/g
  • GCMS Accredited Pesticide
    • Azoxystrobin D-4 (Surr)
    • Chlorfenapyr (Low Recovery)
    • Cyfluthrin (Low Recovery)
    • Cypermethrin
    • Dichlorvos D-6 (IS)
    • Methyl parathion
    • Permethrin (both)
  • GCMS R&D Pesticide
    • As GCMS Accredited Pesticide
  • LCMS Accredited Pesticide
    • Too many analytes to list (54)
  • LCMS R&D Pesticide
    • As LCMS Accredited Pesticide
  • Mold & Mildew
    • Total Mold
    • Total Yeast
  • Residual Solvent
    • Too many analytes to list (22)
  • Terpene
    • Too many analytes to list (19)
  • Water Activity

Each of these can also include mandatory review steps. There are ~1000 parameters (analytes) in your LabLynx CannaQA LIMS solution by default. But any tests that you want to use may need their parameters, ranges, limits, or specifications adjusted, instrument assigned, etc. before being activated and published for use. Additional new tests may be created if necessary. Results may include any alphanumeric values, including symbols (e.g., "<" and ">"), and may also be selectable, with user-defined choices (e.g., "present," "ND," "neg/pos," etc.), with multi-select also available.

If instruments are to be integrated, parameters must be mapped between the instrument and the LabLynx LIMS. This will be conducted as part of your LabLynx integration service. Instructions are in the manual as well, if you would like to review.

Additionally, any set of tests may be grouped as test panels, groups, or profiles (use the term you prefer) and assigned in a single click to samples. This is included in setup and training, and instructions are also provided in the "Test Group Management" section of the online manual.

Test List.PNG

The LabLynx CannaQA LIMS can be delivered pre-loaded with all of the standard and required tests, parameters, and analytes.

The Test Management function in LabLynx is very flexible, so you can create any kind of test you do, including any number of process steps, in the order you specify (a collection of processes is called a "path"), and include any number and types of parameters or analytes, each with its own specifications, limits, or range.

Test Example.png

Test with custom path and multiple parameters and analytes

Instrument-Parameter Mappings

Instrument Parameter Mapping Cannabis.PNG

As part of the required setup and training, any instruments used by the lab are entered into the Instrument Management area of the CannaQA LIMS. They can be interfaced so that orders and results are sent and received between your LabLynx CannaQA LIMS and the instrument, then the analytes (or parameters) must be "mapped" or translated so both entities speak a common language. This will be included if interfacing is selected as part of your solution package. Instructions on mapping parameters are also found in the LabLynx LIMS manual in the "Test Management" and "Instrument Management" sections.

Go-Live Assistance

A final service offered for LabLynx customers is support for daily operations. No matter how much pre-planning was done and how carefully the system is implemented, there is always the chance of unforeseen complications when you are trying to begin processing real orders. Go-live assistance from LabLynx or one of our certified partners ensures you have instant support as you launch your system. You can obtain go-live support by specifying it when scoping out your solution, by submitting a request ticket to the help desk or contacting us directly.

No matter how reliable and intuitive the system, it's always better to have experienced support and guidance around when making that first launch into daily use. And a help desk subscription and full support are also provided per your ongoing subscription or service plan.

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