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These are features and functions of the physician office LIS application's technical structure and design, including database, operating system (O/S), languages, compatibilities and other technical information.

An LIS system's design and technology, like that of any other system, really determines its

  • reliability
  • ease and speed of implementation and setup
  • usability
  • compatibility with other systems and devices
  • flexibility and thus scalability and life expectancy
  • security/protection of data.

No matter how many and what kinds of features and functions it boasts, the design technology and architecture are fundamental. If these elements are poor, the application will be poor - slow, subject to errors or crashes, un-intuitive, vulnerable to hacking or losing data and/or just ultimately unsatisfactory.

Below are the areas of LIMSpec technical specs included in the LIMSpec for the POL to learn about potential providers' system-level design and features of their LIS product

  1. Architecture and Technology
  2. SaaS and Cloud Hosting
  3. Compatibility and Interfacing
  4. Security
  5. Data Protection
  6. Configurability Customizability Scalability
  7. General Functionality
  8. Standards and Compliance

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