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The LIMSpec has served as a tool for managing the evaluation process of a laboratory information management system (LIMS) or a laboratory information system (LIS) since 2007.[1] It has seen several iterations since then, transforming into a more comprehensive collection of requirements and specifications for systems beyond LIMS and LIS. Now a wide variety of requirement datasheets can be generated and housed based upon a collection of hundreds of individual specifications.

Standards Harmonization

LIMSpecs are not an attempt by the Laboratory Informatics Institute to create arbitrary standards, but rather to harmonize existing standards from different organizations and regulations (see [1]). LIMSpec specifications are designed to help both system users and vendors alike, for any kind of information management applications or systems in the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community. Specifications from applicable organizations (e.g. FDA, EPA, CLIA, HIPAA, etc.) are sifted through and specs created that (a) contain the common points, (b) identify and provide applicable unique specs from each and (c) do it in clear, understandable language, along with any additional information to help the reader more fully comprehend it.


A LIMSpec for a given type of application helps vendors to build to and assess their existing applications relative to market needs. And in responding to LIMSpec requirements, they have the opportunity to communicate to the marketplace exactly how their products and services meet those needs - which helps the potential buyer to make more informed choices in their selection process. Information is more freely available and all parties are the better for it.



The LabLynx, Inc. HealthCloud Physician Office LIS (HealthCloudPOL) is a cloud-hosted Laboratory Information System specifically designed for the physician office laboratory, available as either a free version or low-cost subscription. It meets and exceeds the User Requirement Specifications (URS) for such applications as defined by the Laboratory Informatics Institute.

Datasheets are a very good way to compare functions and features between applications, containing a list of expected features for that kind of app, with the vendor's description of exactly how they exist in that system - or if not, what they offer instead, and this HealthCloudPOL LIMSpec datasheet does just that.

Not only can you compare the features and functions included, but also the technology on which it is based and how that technology is employed in its design. In addition, the Laboratory Informatics Institute LIMSpec datasheet for POLs (and other applications) includes sections on the implementation, support and more - including pricing structures.

The POL LIS datasheet includes specifications in the following categories:

  • System Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Implementation Requirements
  • Service Requiremsnts
  • Pricing Requirements

Below is the complete HealthCloudPOL Datasheet with all User Requirement Specifications and how they are met or exceeded. If you would like the POL LIMSpec without the LabLynx HealthCloudPOL responses, you can access it HERE.
  1. Jones, John (26 June 2007). "Develop your LIMS Requirements with the LIMSpec Library". Laboratory Informatics Institute. Retrieved 27 April 2015. 

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