HealthCloudPOL fits with any physician office lab environment, because it is cloud-based and can be accessed from any Internet-capable device. The second component of HealthCloudPOL's compatibility is its ability to be interfaced with any other system, device/instrument, database, service or other entity in any ways they connect, if the HealthCloudPOL Standard Edition subscription is selected. Interface plugins are readily available to be included with your LIS or any time you choose. They support any format necessary, including but not limited to REST API services, SOAP API services and File Import Export services for CSV, XML, JSON, XLS, DDE, OLE2, ODBC and more. HealthCloudPOL can interface with anything that has an API. Or it can interface through file sharing. Basically, anything that can be interfaced can be interfaced to the LabLynx, Inc. HealthCloudPOL Physician Office LIS, using our exclusive HealthCloudHub solution.

LOINC, SNOMED and PHIN are among the formatted communications systems HealthCloudPOL Standard is capable of integrating with, and the HealthCloudHub Integration Plugin library includes those available channels.


HCH Integration Diagram.png

HealthCloudHub, with LabVia, is at the heart of LabLynx, Inc.'s powerful hardware/software Plugin solution that allows integration between the LabLynx LIS and any other interface-able entities - like EHR/EMR, instruments/devices, agencies/organizations, services (e.g. billing services), reference labs, patient and provider portals, etc.

HealthCloudHub is available to all LIS subscribers, and meets CLIA and related compliance standards, using HL7 to communicate securely between linked points. LabLynx maintains a large and ever-increasing library of channels that are configured for communication with each kind of entity, and can also create custom channels as necessary.

The HealthCloudHub plugin is the complete solution for automating your practice, available through Help Desk ticket request or by contacting LabLynx, Inc. at the LabLynx website. A certified HealthCloudHub support associate will help you decide on a strategy that best fits your business plan, or simply get your office/lab integrated right away according to your own preferences.

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