Tests can be set up by authorized users any time.

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Probably the most important part of LIMS Setup & Training is setup of the tests used in the lab. If this isn't correct and complete, then the LIMS or LIS core functionality is also not properly functional. Test setup is included as part of standard Setup & Training provided by LabLynx, Inc.. Instructions on how to perform test setup are also included in the online manual.

There are over 50 common assays included in our clinical LIS, and ~1000 parameters in both that and every other LabLynx LIMS edition by default. But any tests that you want to use may need their parameters and/or ranges/limits/specs adjusted, instrument assigned etc. before being activated and published for use. Additional new tests may be created if necessary. Results may include any alphanumeric values, including symbols (e.g. <, >, etc.), and may also be selectable, with user-defined choices (e.g. present, ND, neg/pos etc.), with multi-select also available.

If instruments are to be integrated, parameters must be mapped between the instrument and the LabLynx LIMS. This will be part of your LabLynx integration services. Instructions are in the manual as well, if you would like to review.

Additionally, any set of tests may be grouped as Test Panels or Groups, and assigned in a single click to samples. This is included in Setup & Training, and instructions are also provided in the manual.

The clinical LIS contains over 50 standard clinical assays, and all LIMS/LIS editions have around 1000 parameters by default Test Management 2 Filter.png

The Test Management function in LabLynx is very flexible, so you can create any kind of test you do, including any number of process steps, in the order you specify (a collection of processes is called a Path), and include any number and types of parameters or analytes - each with its own specs or limits/range.

Test with Custom Path and Multiple Parameters/Analytes

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