Haloplasma contractile
Scientific classification

Rainey, da Costa, Antunes & Huber, 2008[1][2]

Rainey, da Costa, Antunes & Huber, 2008[1]

Antunes, Rainey, da Costa & Huber, 2008[1]
H. contractile
Binomial name
Haloplasma contractile
Antunes, Rainey, da Costa & Huber, 2008[1]

Haloplasma contractile is a halophilic, cell wall-less bacterium. It is the only known representative of a deep lineage, and is classified in its own family (Haloplasmataceae) and order (Haloplasmatales), in the class Mollicutes.[1] In terms of genetics, the bacterium Haloplasma contractile contains a dcwgene cluster is responsible for containing all the genes of the organism and promoting peptidoglycan synthesis. Also, MreB/Mbl are specific homologous parts of this bacterium that are vital in the contractility of the cell. In regards to its physical attributes, this organism consists of a spherical body with approximately two protrusions which alternate between straight and contracted forms.


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