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Cannabis LIMS

Cannabis testing laboratories need a scalable, adaptable LIMS to keep pace with constantly changing regulations, cannabinoids, products and methods.

ELab LIMS for Cannabis Enhances Performance, Compliance and Reputation

Cannabis testing labs serve America’s most complex industry. New products appear every day. Market demand for new cannabinoids keeps growing. Methods for cannabis products remain underdeveloped. Fragmented state-by-state regulations without federal support make multi-state operations challenging. Moreover, producers and retailers alike need labs to consistently — and rapidly — produce accurate potency and safety reports. Given the risks involved, cannabis testing laboratories cannot afford the mistakes inherent in manual processes.

ELab LIMS for Cannabis solution pre-configured with features, methods and reporting tools to support cannabis testing. Easily modified tests and workflows make your lab more responsive to the dynamic cannabis industry. Eliminating manual steps and enforcing SOP execution improves testing accuracy, repeatability and speed. Sample management features and track-and-trace integrations ensure your lab handles cannabis samples properly. Consolidating all laboratory data in ELab LIMS will improve communication with customers and regulators. Also, streamlined accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 will enhance your lab’s reputation in the cannabis industry.

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ELab LIMS Solutions for Your Cannabis Testing Laboratory | LabLynx

ELab LIMS Solutions for Your Cannabis Testing Laboratory

  • Sample Collection Management

    Make sample collection more efficient by managing routes, locations, sampling sites and more.

  • Sample Management

    Manage samples from the point of collection through receiving, storage, testing and disposal.

  • Track-and-Trace Interfaces

    Automatically share data with seed to sale software companies such as BioTracTHC, Leaf and Metrc.

  • Customizable Automatic Reports

    Designing reports to automatically pull data from ELab LIMS improves communications with customers and regulators.

  • State-Specific Configurations

    Your ELab LIMS supports compliant testing in every state you operate in with state-specific limit sets for each parameter.

  • Easy Configurability

    Simple browser interfaces let your staff modify workflows to support new customers, products, standards and regulations.

  • Instrument Integration

    Integrating your lab’s instruments with ELab LIMS takes SOPs to the next level by eliminating manual setups and data transfers.

  • Support Your Compliance Programs

    ELab LIMS helps you demonstrate confidence to ISO/IEC 17025 auditors by rapidly producing compliance and quality control documentation.