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Contract Testing LIMS

The right informatics solution reinforces the trusted relationships contract testing laboratories have with their clients in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Performance & Trust: Delivering Results for Contract Testing Labs

Your contract testing laboratory is an extension of your clients’ operations. They trust you to deliver consistent and accurate results amid the complexities of ever-changing regulations and standards. Of course, they also expect fast turnaround times. You cannot afford to be held back by your lab’s data systems. Neither should you need to change your lab’s processes to conform to your software. Providing responsive, quality contract testing services requires an informatics solution that supports the way your lab works.

LabLynx ELab LIMS for Contract Testing delivers the modularity and configurability that contract testing labs need. From day one, we help tailor your ELab LIMS to support the combination of services, protocols and workflows that makes your lab unique. Automation tools eliminate the manual processes that slow your turnaround times — while adhering to all SOPs. Simple interfaces let your staff add new tests and adjust to changing regulations without time-consuming development work. Your lab’s Elab LIMS for Contract Testing will help deliver faster, higher-quality testing services while reinforcing CGMP compliance.

Contract Testing LIMS | LabLynx
Optimizing the Way Your Contract Testing Lab Works | LabLynx

Optimizing the Way Your Contract Testing Lab Works

  • Configurable Methods, Workflows and Protocols

    Authorized staff can quickly add or change any aspect of your lab’s testing services as client needs, standards or regulations evolve.

  • Modular, Scalable LIMS Platform

    ELab LIMS offers modularity and integrations that conform to your business today and scale to handle your growing business.

  • Instrument Integration

    Connecting your lab’s instruments with ELab LIMS eliminates manual data transfers while reducing downtime due to maintenance and certification.

  • Automated Sample Management

    Track barcoded samples from receiving through storage and disposal. Linked with your instruments’ quality control systems, sample management reduces handling errors.

  • Improve Compliance

    Ensuring everyone in your lab follows SOPs every time makes your Elab LIMS a crucial tool for CGMP compliance.

  • Maintain Accreditation

    Achieving and maintaining ISO/IEC 17025 and other accreditations is much simpler with the auditing and reporting tools that ELab LIMS provides.

  • Demonstrate Proficiency

    ELab LIMS helps you demonstrate your lab’s testing quality to current and prospective clients by facilitating proficiency testing.

  • Foster Employee Development

    Your lab’s reputation depends on your employees’ qualifications. Elab LIMS helps you monitor their training status and certifications.