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Environmental LIMS

Environmental testing laboratories need an informatics solution that adapts to their testing services, improves test performance and simplifies compliance.

Helping Laboratories Meet the Challenges of Environmental Testing

Every environmental laboratory offers a unique combination of inorganic and organic chemical, microbiological and radiochemical testing services. Each new service adds another set of industry standards and government regulations. In addition, you must maintain relevant accreditations and certifications such as NELAP, DWLCP, RCRA and more. Meeting every requirement while quickly delivering consistently accurate test results is a challenge you face every day. Choosing the right informatics system makes that challenge more manageable.

LabLynx developed ELab LIMS for Environmental to meet the needs of labs like yours. We work with you to align ELab LIMS with your lab’s processes, customers and environmental testing services. You get the capabilities you need to eliminate manual processes, reduce turnaround times and document compliance. ELab LIMS for Environmental will help make your lab more efficient and responsive while sustaining your high-quality testing services.

Environmental LIMS | LabLynx
ELab LIMS: Optimized for Environmental Testing Laboratories | LabLynx

ELab LIMS: Optimized for Environmental Testing Laboratories

  • Tailored Informatics for Your Lab

    LabLynx engineers will adapt ELab LIMS to handle your lab’s testing services and internal processes. From day one, ELab LIMS will work the way your lab has always worked.

  • Simple Configurability and Scalability

    As you add customers, grow your team or expand your testing services, easy-to-use browser interfaces let your staff quickly modify ELab LIMS to scale with your success.

  • Sample Collection Management

    When you manage sample collection points and routes, all collection data stays linked to each sample, expediting analysis and reporting.

  • Sample Collection Scheduling and Alerts

    Make your lab’s operations more consistent while preserving testing continuity by scheduling your lab’s sample collection activities and setting reminders for your staff.

  • Sample Tracking and Chain-of-Custody

    Track every sample from the minute you receive them in the lab. If required by your customers, you can make all records permanent to provide chain-of-custody.

  • Accreditation and Certification

    ELab LIMS helps you document your lab’s SOPs and audit compliance with testing standards to make compliance with certification and accreditation easier.

  • Employee Training and Certification

    Your technical staff’s qualifications are just as important as your lab’s. Monitor the status of employee training and keep their certifications on hand.

  • Secure, Encrypted Cloud Database

    ELab LIMS’s cloud-native platform stores all data securely for convenient anywhere, anytime access whether your staff works from home or visits a client site.