Optimized Informatics for Food & Beverage Testing Laboratories

When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) made prevention the guiding principle for protecting America’s food supply, food and beverage testing laboratories like yours became vital to large and small producers alike. Whether an internal department or an independent operation, your lab must deal with constant change. Customers introduce an endless variety of foods and ingredients. Contaminants or pathogens can appear at any point in production. AOAC, CEN and other standards-setting bodies publish new science-based methods for food testing. While managing everything else, you must continuously deliver the high-quality testing of an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab.

LabLynx created ELab LIMS for Food & Beverage to turn your data into a competitive advantage. More than a database for storing test results, ELab LIMS is fully configured for the unique operations of food testing labs. We further tailor your new LIMS to the way your lab works. Shallow learning curves and simple, browser interfaces let your team get started quickly. Easy administrative tools let you add or modify methods in minutes to fulfill your customers’ changing needs. Integration and automation capabilities help you optimize your lab’s performance, improve quality and become more responsive to a dynamic food industry.

Food & Beverage LIMS | LabLynx
ELab LIMS for Food & Beverage Optimizes Your Laboratory | LabLynx

ELab LIMS for Food & Beverage Optimizes Your Laboratory

Tailored Informatics for Your Lab | LabLynx

Easily Scalable Configurability

Your staff can add or modify methods without extra coding. Assign specs and limits with automatic flags of out-of-limit results.

Sample Management | LabLynx

Sample Collection Management

Find the source of contamination faster by linking your test samples with every aspect of the collection process — including routes, locations and sample points.

Chain-of-Custody | LabLynx

Traceability and Chain-of-Custody

Track samples from receiving to disposal with an auditable chain-of-custody to support customers’ proof-of-sourcing, CGMP compliance and incident investigations.

Sample Management | LabLynx

Instrument and Inventory Management

Optimize your lab’s operations by automating manual processes such as the scheduling of instrument maintenance, supply replenishment and more.

Support Your Compliance Programs | LabLynx

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Compliance

Maintain ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by documenting SOPs, enforcing standards-based practices and reducing reporting overhead.

Customizable Automatic Reports | LabLynx

Sample, Batch and Lot Management

When testing the quality of food ingredients, you can link each sample to its original batch or lot. Automate reports to collect results by supplier, location and batch.

Secure, Encrypted Cloud Database | LabLynx

Secure, Encrypted Cloud Platform

Make your lab’s systems more accessible for remote workers without compromising security. Encrypted cloud storage and role-based access protect your lab’s data.

Compliance | LabLynx

Certification-Based Access

Documenting employee certifications in ELab LIMS lets you prevent employees from using instruments or performing tests they are not qualified for.