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Deliver faster, higher-quality results with a laboratory informatics solution optimized for air quality testing.

LIMS Solutions Optimized for Air Quality Testing Laboratories

Air quality testing programs ensure regulatory compliance while protecting the environment and human health. However, air quality testing has gotten more complicated over the years. Criteria air pollutants have been joined by hazardous air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. At the same time, new technologies are rapidly evolving air quality testing methodologies. To keep up with these changes while still being responsive to customer requirements, an air quality testing lab needs a flexible, capable informatics solution optimized for its business.

LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Air Quality Testing Laboratories delivers the flexible informatics platform your lab needs. From planning the sample collection process to automating laboratory tasks, we can help you improve productivity and turnaround times. A LabLynx solution becomes the central hub for testing data, instruments and other laboratory systems. Whether working at a customer site, in the lab or from their home offices, your staff get instant and secure access to maximize productivity.

Air Quality LIMS | LabLynx
Manage All Aspects of Air Quality Testing | LabLynx

Manage All Aspects of Air Quality Testing

  • Designed for Your Lab

    LabLynx shortens deployment times by pre-populating your LIMS solution with commonly used EPA, ASHRAE and other air quality testing methods. We can further optimize your LabLynx solution with software customizations and systems integration.

  • Configurable Methods & Workflows

    Rather than calling on a programmer, your staff can quickly add new test methods or modify existing methods. LabLynx’s ELab LIMS software uses intuitive browser interfaces to surface our informatics platform’s deep configurability.

  • Sample Collection Management

    Every customer requires a different sampling strategy. Set up collection sites, locations and points, sampling frequencies, canister types and other elements for each project. Plan collection routes and schedules to better manage your lab’s workloads.

  • Sample & Canister Tracking

    Use your LIMS to track canisters and samples from the point of collection and throughout the testing process while maintaining an unalterable chain of custody. Combined with automation systems, you can significantly reduce pre-analytical errors and shorten turnaround times.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    LabLynx solutions store your lab’s data, fully encrypted and protected by granular access controls, in our secure SciCloud.net cloud platform. At the same time, your cloud-based LIMS will improve productivity by giving your staff anywhere, anytime access to data, documents and laboratory systems.

  • Convenient Web Portals

    Your customers can access your lab’s services on their schedule through convenient, secure web portals. Letting them initiate requests, order sampling kits, receive reports and more on their own schedule also improves productivity by freeing your front-end staff from these routine tasks.

  • Instrument Integration & Management

    Eliminate the transcription and conversion errors common to manual data handling by integrating your laboratory instruments with ELab LIMS. Plan proficiency tests, instrument calibrations and maintenance to keep your lab running at peak performance.

  • Certification & Accreditation

    Use your LabLynx LIMS solution to manage laboratory quality with dashboards and flexible auditing tools. Use this capability to streamline ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations as well as NELAC or state certifications.