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Soil Testing LIMS

Tackle the complexity of modern soil testing with an informatics solution optimized for soil testing laboratories.

LabLynx Informatics Solutions for Soil Testing Laboratories

Soil testing has always been essential to agricultural soil fertility management, industrial regulatory compliance and site remediation. Over the past 20 years, even conventional soil testing has become more data-intensive than ever. Automated sampling systems can collect hundreds of cores per field. New testing technologies from spectroscopy to genetic sequencing allow a more complete analysis of soils. Yet, even as the volume and variety of soil testing increases, customers expect faster turnaround times. Soil testing labs need an informatics solution to meet these expectations while delivering the highest quality service.

LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Soil Testing Laboratories will help your lab become more productive while meeting the challenges of modern soil testing. Your LabLynx solution can manage the sample collection process from field to lab and reduce the hands-on work that undermines productivity. Improve the customer experience by letting them interact with your lab on their schedules and by delivering reports faster. Your LabLynx solution will adapt to the way your lab works and help improve productivity, turnaround times and laboratory quality.

Soil Testing LIMS | LabLynx
Designed for Soil Testing Labs Like Yours | LabLynx

Designed for Soil Testing Labs Like Yours

  • Accessible & Secure Cloud Platform

    LabLynx solutions run on a secure cloud platform that protects your data while delivering anywhere, anytime access to your lab’s systems. Let staff access your LIMS from the field and support work-from-home to improve morale and productivity.

  • Convenient Web Portals

    Web portals let your customers work with your lab on their schedule. Whenever they want, they can initiate test requests, download barcode labels, track project status and get reports.

  • Sample Point Management & Scheduling

    Manage the sample collection process and all relevant metadata from a single interface. Improve the efficiency of your sample collection services by planning routes and setting schedules for your field personnel.

  • Sample Tracking & Chain of Custody

    From the point of collection, your LIMS will use 1D or 2D barcode labels to track every sample through your lab. Reduce common errors associated with manual sample handling. Preserve chains of custody with permanent, auditable records.

  • Optimized for Soil Testing Labs

    LabLynx speeds the deployment process by tailoring our ELab LIMS software to include ASTM, MOSA and other soil testing methods as well as report templates and other features common to soil testing laboratories.

  • Configurable Methods & Workflows

    When you enhance your lab’s testing services by adding or modifying methods, your staff can use ELab LIMS’ simple browser interfaces to get the job done quickly. No programmers are necessary.

  • Instrument Integration & Management

    Linking your lab’s instruments and automation systems through your LabLynx informatics solution eliminates transcription and conversion errors. Automatically receive out-of-spec alerts, manage maintenance schedules and keep your lab running at full capacity.

  • Reporting, Audits & Accreditations

    Develop your own report templates that automatically pull data from ELab LIMS. Set up dashboards to monitor your lab’s key performance indicators. And use flexible auditing tools to streamline your lab’s ISO/IEC 17025 and other accreditation efforts.