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Water Quality LIMS

Whether serving residential, industrial or agricultural customers, laboratories need a LIMS solution that is optimized for water quality testing.

LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Water Quality Laboratories

Water is everywhere. Clean water is needed as inputs for people, livestock, crops and industrial processes. Midstream and downstream, water quality matters just as much. Laboratories that provide water quality testing services must be ready to identify and quantitate a bewildering array of potential contaminants, both regulated and non-regulated. As water quality testing becomes more data-intensive, laboratories need an informatics platform that supports rapid turnaround times and high-throughput operations.

LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Water Quality Laboratories delivers the flexible capabilities labs like yours need to offer competitive testing services. Configured to meet your customers’ testing needs and local regulatory requirements, our LIMS solutions adapt to the way your lab works. Create and manage sample collection plans for each customer. Track samples from the point of collection, automate sample handling and integrate laboratory systems. With a LabLynx LIMS Solution for Water Quality Laboratories, your lab becomes more productive, more responsive and more competitive.

Water Quality LIMS | LabLynx
Optimize Your Water Quality Testing Services | LabLynx

Optimize Your Water Quality Testing Services

  • Designed for Your Lab

    Get up and running faster thanks to your LabLynx solution’s pre-populated methods, workflows, reports and other features typical to water quality testing.

  • Configurable Methods & Workflows

    Respond quickly to changing customer requirements and water quality regulations. LabLynx’s ELab LIMS software lets your staff access deep configurability for any method or workflow through simple browser interfaces.

  • Secure, Accessible Cloud Platform

    Let your staff access laboratory data and systems no matter where they are. LabLynx solutions run on our SciCloud.net cloud platform. Regular backups and full encryption protect your clients’ data. Security controls keep your staff connected while preventing unauthorized access.

  • Convenient Web Portals

    Implementing customer web portals tied to your LabLynx solution will improve the customer experience. Online order management, billing and reporting let customers interface with your lab on their schedules. With routine tasks handled by portals, your front-end staff will have more time to address more complex customer issues.

  • Sample Collection Management

    LabLynx solutions give you a complete collection management system whether customers submit samples, your couriers pick up samples, or your staff collects samples directly. Generate barcode labels, plan routes, and set schedules to maximize productivity.

  • Sample Tracking

    Track samples from the moment they arrive in the lab. Register the room, cabinet and shelf where each sample is stored. Use digital signatures and barcode scans to trace the progression of samples through the testing process. If required, you can establish an end-to-end chain of custody.

  • Instrument Integration & Management

    Maximize your lab’s uptime and reduce pre-analytical errors by integrating your instruments and automation systems with your LIMS software. Schedule proficiency tests and maintenance so they do not disrupt testing operations. Eliminate transcription and conversion errors by automating data transfers.

  • Reporting, Compliance & Accreditation

    Monitor the performance of your lab by creating dashboards and ad hoc reports. Track compliance with test methods. And streamline your lab’s accreditation and certification efforts with our flexible auditing and reporting tools.