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Get the right informatics solution to make your forensic anthropology laboratory more productive while delivering accurate, reliable results.

Anthropology LIMS to Support Medicolegal Investigations

A forensic anthropology laboratory’s responsibilities stretch from death scene investigations to laboratory analysis to courtroom testimony. At each stage, anthropologists and technicians need secure, reliable access to lab systems. Remains and specimens must be tracked with an auditable chain of custody. In addition, staffing and budget constraints require labs to run as efficiently as possible — without sacrificing quality.

ELab LIMS for Anthropology is configured for the unique needs of forensic anthropology labs like yours. In addition to managing specimen handling and analysis processes, ELab LIMS includes essential capabilities for medicolegal investigations including chain-of-custody tracking and death scene management. Automation and integration options let you eliminate manual processes to improve both productivity and quality. With ELab LIMS for Anthropology, your lab can become more responsive to investigative agencies while bringing needed closure to families and communities.

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Pre-Configured With Features Forensic Anthropology Labs Need | LabLynx

Pre-Configured With Features Forensic Anthropology Labs Need

  • Simple Configurability

    Pre-configured for forensic anthropology labs, ELab LIMS’s browser interfaces let your staff add new methods and workflows quickly.

  • Secure Cloud Accessibility

    ELab LIMS’s encrypted cloud platform provides secure access to your lab’s data for death scene investigators and remote workers alike.

  • Death Scene Management

    Create unique death scene profiles with collection point locations for all death scene data and remains.

  • Specimen Management and Chain of Custody

    Specimen tracking reduces the risk of handling errors while unalterable records preserve chain-of-custody for every specimen.

  • Instrument Integration

    Integrating instruments makes ELab LIMS your lab’s single source of truth, reducing data duplication while eliminating transcription and conversion errors.

  • Instrument Management

    Track instrument performance to proactively identify issues. Ensure scheduled maintenance and calibration does not disrupt your lab’s operations.

  • Competency and Proficiency Management

    Monitor the status of your staff’s certifications and competency exams. Document the performance and outcome of all proficiency tests.

  • Streamline Accreditation

    ELab LIMS removes the burden from your ANAB ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation efforts by providing quick access to your lab’s auditable performance and quality records.