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Entomology LIMS

Document investigations with a full chain of custody in a LIMS optimized for forensic entomology.

Manage Your Investigations with ELab LIMS for Entomology

Forensic entomology laboratories turn observations of insects and arthropods into evidence for death scene and infestation investigations. Besides the visual evaluation of larval and adult insects, these investigations can include analysis of photographic evidence, insect DNA and toxicological spectrographic analysis. Bringing this together to support law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and expert witness testimony requires an information management system with strict chain-of-custody controls.

LabLynx optimized ELab LIMS for Entomology with the features and capabilities needed to support forensic entomology laboratories. Whether you attend death scenes or receive specimens from crime scene investigators, ELab LIMS associates every specimen with proper case numbers, death scene maps and body maps. From the registration of a specimen through analysis and storage, ELab LIMS for Entomology keeps an unalterable chain-of-custody record to preserve the integrity of your investigations.

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LabLynx Entomology LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

  • Death Scene Management

    Associate all evidence and specimens with their location at the death scene and on the body of the decedent.

  • Specimen Management

    ELab LIMS delivers end-to-end tracking of all larvae collected at the scene and specimens obtained in the lab.

  • Chain of Custody

    Unalterable chain-of-custody records and auditable reporting tools preserve the integrity of your medicolegal investigations.

  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

    Collect all notes, photographs and data from the death scene as well as your analysis in an auditable ELN.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    Give your staff secure, anywhere anytime access to your lab’s systems whether they attend death scenes or work from home.

  • Role-Based Access Control

    Limit employees’ access to your lab’s data and systems by defining role-based permissions.

  • Simple Configurability

    Already optimized for entomology labs, ELab LIMS’s browser interfaces let you quickly adapt methods and workflows to new standards.

  • Instrument Integration

    Linking instruments with ELab LIMS eliminates transcription and conversion errors while boosting productivity.