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Forensic Science LIMS

Forensic science laboratories need the right informatics solution to meet the growing demand for more sophisticated testing while reducing case turnaround times.

Boost Efficiency & Productivity with ELab LIMS for Forensic Science

New science-based methods and advanced instruments let forensic laboratories test a wider range of evidence with greater accuracy than ever before. Unfortunately, every improvement in forensic lab capabilities drives greater demand for the lab’s services. At the same time, the realities of flat budgets and workforce shortages limit labs to incremental increases in capacity. Meeting the twin challenges of demand and capacity requires a laboratory information management system designed for the unique needs of forensic laboratories.

ELab LIMS for Forensic Science combines a powerful, scalable informatics platform with capabilities optimized for the daily operations of your forensic laboratory. Standardize and automate more of your lab’s processes. Free your staff from low-level manual workloads. Integrate instruments to improve quality and repeatability. ELab LIMS for Forensic Science helps your lab meet the ever-growing demand for evidence testing by simultaneously improving capacity, capability and quality.

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Optimized Capabilities for Forensic Science Laboratories | LabLynx

Optimized Capabilities for Forensic Science Laboratories

  • Configurable Methods and Workflows

    Simple browser interfaces let your staff add or modify testing processes without time-consuming software development.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    ELab LIMS encrypts all data at rest and in transit to support remote working and improve productivity without risking your lab’s data integrity.

  • Specimen Collection Management

    Associate every piece of evidence and every specimen taken from that evidence with relevant location data from the crime scene.

  • Specimen Management & Chain-of-Custody

    ELab LIMS tracks evidence and specimens throughout your lab, documenting chain-of-custody and ensuring the integrity of your lab’s analysis.

  • Scheduling and Alerts

    Automatic alerts remind staff of scheduled specimen preparation and testing events to minimize analytical errors.

  • Inventory Management

    Automatically generate replenishment orders so your lab always has reagents and other consumables in inventory.

  • Instrument Integration

    Linking your lab’s instruments with ELab LIMS automates data transfers to reduce errors and improve productivity.

  • Instrument Management

    Monitor instrument health and keep your lab at full capacity by scheduling maintenance and calibration.