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Histology LIMS

Laboratory informatics improves the productivity of histology departments while preserving chains of custody.

Get a Histology LIMS Solution for High-Throughput Slide Preparation

Your lab’s histotechnicians (HTs) and histotechnologists (HLTs) take on the delicate task of preparing tissue samples for microscopic examinations. Pathologists perform these examinations to support medicolegal investigations that contribute to criminal cases. Although automation helps, much of the preparation process is still hands-on. Producing reliable results requires strict adherence to standard operating procedures. In addition, the department must preserve chains of custody for all wet tissues, intermediate samples and slides.

ELab LIMS for Histology is a special configuration of LabLynx’s cloud-based informatics platform. Your histology team only sees the features and data they need to prepare slides for examination. Specimen tracking and case management features preserve chains of custody. Configurable assays and workflows, combined with instrument integrations and notifications, ensure your HTs and HLTs consistently perform their tasks. At the same time, ELab LIMS for Histology integrates seamlessly with your lab’s overall ELab LIMS implementation.

Histology LIMS | LabLynx
ELab LIMS Improves Histology Performance While Integrating Your Pathology Lab | LabLynx

ELab LIMS Improves Histology Performance While Integrating Your Pathology Lab

  • Multi-Department, Multi-Location Informatics

    We help tailor ELab LIMS for the way your lab works by configuring it to your lab’s organizational structure.

  • Case Management

    Case management tools organize all tissue samples, notes, as well as digital and physical evidence.

  • Sample Management & Chain of Custody

    ELab LIMS provides an unalterable chain of custody as it tracks bodies, organs, samples and slides through your lab.

  • Scheduled Events & Notifications

    Preparation stages can be scheduled in ELab LIMS and set to generate notifications to histology staff when complete.

  • Instrument Integration

    Integrating automated tissue processing and staining instruments accelerates throughput by maximizing utilization rates.

  • Instrument Management

    Monitor all slide preparation instruments to maximize uptime and schedule service calls outside normal lab hours.

  • Certification Maintenance

    Track the internal and external courses your HTs and HLTs take to document their competence and maintain ASCP certifications.

  • Inventory Management

    Monitor your histology department’s use of fixatives, stains, slipcovers and other consumables to better manage inventory costs.