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Affordable, Configurable and Scalable for Any ME/C Office

America’s medical examiner and coroner (ME/C) offices play an integral role in the nation’s criminal justice system. Law enforcement and prosecutors rely on these offices’ science-based medicolegal death investigations. At the same time, ME/C offices help bring closure to the families of the deceased. Yet, both customers place enormous pressure on ME/C offices to produce clear, reliable answers as fast as possible.

ELab LIMS for Medical Examiners delivers the affordable and flexible capabilities that ME/C offices need. Ensure your staff follows the latest science-based methodologies to improve performance and productivity. Manage cases, bodies, specimens and other evidence from the scene of death with auditable chain-of-custody tracking. ELab LIMS for Medical Examiners is an affordable solution that supports ME/C offices of any size.

Configured for the Needs of Medical Examiners and Coroners

Specimen Collection Management

Associate all interviews, information and evidence collected at the scene of death with location information and case numbers.

Chain of Custody

Unalterable records and rapid auditing capabilities protect the integrity of all bodies, specimens and evidence within the office and sent to external agencies.

Instrument Integration

Linking your office’s instruments with ELab LIMS improves the speed and accuracy of data exchanges and reduces the risk of human error.

Streamline Accreditation and Certification

Use ELab LIMS to track employee certifications, document proficiency testing and streamline audits by NAME, IACME, ANAB and other accreditation bodies.

Secure LIMS - LabLynx

Mass Casualty Management

Event-based organizational tools such as death scene maps and body diagrams reduce the workload of mass casualty event investigations.

Multi-Department Case Management

ELab LIMS makes it easier to coordinate the autopsies, toxicology, pathology and other forensic examinations each case requires.

Scalable LIMS - LabLynx

Instrument Management

Prevent disruptive downtime by monitoring instrument performance as well as scheduling maintenance and calibration.

Affordable, Scalable Solutions

LabLynx offers affordable, scalable pricing to ME/C offices of all sizes with deployment times measured in days, not months.