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Informatics Solutions for Your Forensic Neuropathology Lab

Medical examiners or families may seek the expert insights of forensic neuropathologists when a violent or unexpected death may be associated with brain trauma, cerebrovascular disease or neurotoxicology. Since the cause of death and other findings could appear in court, the forensic neuropathologist must carefully track all records, organs and tissue samples to maintain chains of custody.

ELab LIMS for Neuropathology is optimized for the unique aspects of your neuropathology practice. Maintain chains of custody from the moment organs and samples arrive in your lab. Optimize inventory of routine H&E stains as well as more expensive specialized stains. Leverage LabLynx’s secure cloud informatics platform to manage requests and improve communication with medical examiners, investigators and family members. ELab LIMS for Neuropathology will help your lab boost productivity while conducting high-quality medicolegal death investigations.

ELab LIMS for Neuropathology Optimizes Lab Operations

Scalable LIMS - LabLynx

Secure Cloud Platform

Give your staff anywhere, anytime access to case information and laboratory processes through a secure, encrypted cloud platform.

Case Management

Get quick access to all sample tracking, documentation, photography and other case information by consolidating them in ELab LIMS.

Chain of Custody Tracking

Track all physical and digital evidence from the moment they arrive in your lab to establish an unalterable chain of custody.

Web Portals & Request Management

Improve stakeholder communications by letting them initiate requests, track case progress and receive timely notifications.

Secure LIMS - LabLynx

Supports Laboratories of Any Size

Flexible and scalable, ELab LIMS adapts to your lab whether you are an independent pathologist or run a department in a larger organization.

Mass Casualty Management

Grouping cases within a mass casualty event simplifies sample tracking and investigation planning.

Scalable LIMS - LabLynx

Inventory Management

Monitor your lab’s use of stains and other consumables and automatically generate replenishment orders.

Scalable LIMS - LabLynx

Performance & Quality Management

Monitor your lab’s daily performance and quality metrics. Quickly generate reports to support CAP and ISO/IEC 15189 audits.