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Pathology LIMS

Improve the quality of your pathology laboratory’s operations while reducing turnaround times with ELab LIMS for Pathology.

Manage Cases and Improve Laboratory Performance with ELab LIMS for Pathology

Forensic pathologists lead the medicolegal investigation of unexpected or violent deaths. Each case requires the collection and analysis of death scene reports, medical histories and post-mortem investigations. Given the forensic pathologist’s role in criminal cases, a pathology lab must maintain digital and physical evidence with a strict chain of custody. Pathology labs must also adapt to the constant stream of new forensic technologies and science-based methods. Without the right informatics system, balancing these demands — while improving quality and responsiveness — becomes an increasingly difficult challenge.

Based on LabLynx’s powerful cloud-based informatics platform, ELab LIMS for Pathology is configured for the needs of forensic pathology laboratories like yours. Simple user interfaces let your staff quickly adapt ELab LIMS to your lab’s specific assays and analytical methods. Case, sample and evidence management tools preserve chains of custody for everything associated with a death investigation. In addition, using the flexible automation and reporting tools in ELab LIMS will help reduce errors, improve quality and make your lab more responsive to outside agencies.

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LabLynx LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

  • Case Management and Chain of Custody

    Document every aspect of a case, from crime scene reports to bacterial cultures, in one place with auditable chain-of-custody tracking.

  • Evidence and Specimen Management

    ELab LIMS tracks specimens from the point of collection or accessioning through autopsies and storage or disposal.

  • Scalable for Any Laboratory

    LabLynx’s flexible, scalable solutions support small labs as well as multi-department, multi-location operations.

  • Instrument Integration

    Linking your lab’s instruments and other systems with ELab LIMS eliminates data handling errors and improves productivity.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    Placing your lab’s data in a secure, encrypted cloud platform lets your staff get their work done anywhere at any time.

  • Web Portals and Request Management

    Creating web portals makes it easier for agencies to submit requests, track the progress of investigations and get reports quickly.

  • Training and Competency

    Monitor the training and certification status of pathologists, technicians and other team members.

  • Performance and Quality Management

    Create reports to manage your lab’s performance, improve quality and simplify CAP and ISO/IEC 15189 accreditation.