Better Results Faster With ELab LIMS for Environmental Testing

Government environmental testing labs protect the public from the harmful effects of chemical, biological and radiological hazards while ensuring compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. They cooperate with departmental stakeholders and outside agencies to support inspections, administrative actions and criminal cases. An environmental testing lab is under constant pressure to quickly deliver accurate, defensible results for every request while keeping its operations within budget.

Government labs around the country rely on ELab LIMS for Environmental Testing to improve productivity, turnaround times and throughput without sacrificing service quality. ELab LIMS streamlines case management processes to make your lab more responsive to internal and external stakeholders. Automation and integration options improve both efficiency and accuracy in your testing. ELab LIMS eliminates low-level manual work so your technicians and scientists can spend their time where it matters — environmental analysis.

Environmental Testing LIMS | LabLynx
Designed with Capabilities Your Laboratory Needs | LabLynx

Designed with Capabilities Your Laboratory Needs

Sample Management | LabLynx

Sample Collection Management

From collection routes to field notes, collating all the information associated with a sample within ELab LIMS helps get analyses done faster.

Sample Collection Scheduling and Alerts | LabLynx

Case Management

Scheduling tests, retrieving data and generating reports becomes more efficient when you have everything associated with a case at your fingertips.

Scalable LIMS | LabLynx

Pre-configured for Environmental Testing

LabLynx pre-populates this version of ELab LIMS with standard methods for environmental testing and can include the specific methods your lab uses.

Secure, Encrypted Cloud Database | LabLynx

Secure Cloud Platform

By encrypting all data at rest and in transit, ELab LIMS keeps your lab running whether your team is in the lab, in the field or working from home.

Specimen Management and Chain of Custody | LabLynx

Sample Tracking and Chain of Custody

Maintain an unalterable chain of custody by tracking your samples from the moment they arrive in the lab.

Instrument Integration | LabLynx

Instrument Integration

Integrating your instruments with Elab LIMS eliminates data entry errors and simplifies calibration and maintenance activities.

Track-and-Trace Interfaces | LabLynx

Configurable Methods and Workflows

As you adapt existing methods or develop new methods, your staff can quickly modify ELab LIMS without any software development.

Customer Web Portals | LabLynx

Convenient Web Portals

Improve stakeholder communications by integrating ELab LIMS with secure web portals. They can submit requests, check for updates and receive reports at their convenience.