Improve Your Industrial Pretreatment Lab’s Efficiency and Productivity

Industrial pretreatment laboratories protect water supplies from unsafe discharges at industrial users’ sites. They often support other activities such as testing water quality or supporting process management at water treatment facilities. With the constant demand for their testing services, laboratories need to run as efficiently as possible while delivering both fast turnaround times and accurate results.

ELab LIMS for Industrial Pretreatment helps you eliminate the manual processes that slow your lab and undermine quality analysis. From planning sample collection to tracking samples in storage, you can digitize and automate sample handling. Track all testing as well as your lab’s inspection, compliance and violation management activities in one place. ELab LIMS for Industrial Pretreatment’s secure cloud platform gives your lab the capabilities it needs to reduce turnaround times, increase productivity and improve the quality of your laboratory’s practices.

Industrial Pretreatment LIMS | LabLynx
LabLynx LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

LabLynx LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

Sample Management | LabLynx

Sample Collection Management

Plan routes, locations and sample points to optimize your sampling team’s efficiency. Link collection point data to every sample to improve analyses.

Sample Management | LabLynx

Sample Receiving and Tracking

Whether received in the field or the lab, samples are tracked throughout your lab. Integrations with sample handling systems automate error-prone manual processes.

Certification-based Access | LabLynx

Inspection, Compliance and Violation Management

ELab LIMS for Industrial Pretreatment supports your lab’s regulatory activities including site inspections, compliance tracking and violation management.

Support Your Compliance Programs | LabLynx

Accreditation and Auditing

ELab LIMS streamlines your lab’s efforts to achieve and retain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, NELAC, ELAP and other water quality programs.

Sample Collection Kit | LabLynx

Sample Collection Kit

Labs that collect samples at industrial users’ facilities can use LabLynx’s SICKIT to register samples and generate barcode labels on-site.

Track-and-Trace Interfaces | LabLynx

Configurable Methods and Workflows

Browser interfaces let your staff quickly modify methods as your lab adopts new standards or tests for different pollutants.

Customizable Automatic Reports | LabLynx

Customizable Reporting

LabLynx pre-populates your ELab LIMS with templates for commonly-used reports. Simple tools let you create or modify reports that link data directly from ELab LIMS.

Secure, Encrypted Cloud Database | LabLynx

Secure Cloud Platform

A fully encrypted cloud database improves productivity by letting staff work from anywhere. Web portals can improve communications with industrial users, internal stakeholders, and other agencies.