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Clinical Trials LIMS

Laboratories conducting clinical trials need a LIMS that adapts to each trial’s unique structure while simplifying compliance with FDAAA 801 and other regulations.

A Configurable Clinical Trial LIMS for Your Laboratories

Unlike most healthcare laboratories, there is nothing routine about clinical trial labs. No two trials are alike. Each one has a unique combination of protocols, assays, specimen types, patients, employees and more. Your lab must manage this complexity while complying with an extra layer of regulation and oversight. LabLynx’s ELab LIMS for Clinical Trial Laboratories delivers the easy configurability, security and scalability you are looking for.

You can configure ELab LIMS to manage and report every aspect of a clinical trial. Simple administrator interfaces let your lab’s staff quickly set up the protocols, specimen types, and other elements of the trial while streamlining workflows. From encrypted cloud storage to strictly limited user access permissions, ELab LIMS protects proprietary data and patient information. Also, automated report generation simplifies reporting to institutional review boards, NHS HSS and the Clinical Trial Database.

Clinical Trials LIMS | LabLynx
Designed for the Unique Nature of Clinical Trials | LabLynx

Designed for the Unique Nature of Clinical Trials

  • Configure for Each Trial

    ELab LIMS has the flexibility and feature depth needed to conform with your lab’s trials and workflows, getting out of the way so you can produce results.

  • Sample Tracking and Batching

    ELab LIMS provides full chain-of-custody tracking by sample — or by sample group — to reduce pre-analytical errors and make audits more efficient.

  • Secure Cloud Database

    Provide your investigators convenient anywhere, anytime access to trial data without compromising the integrity of your trials or the confidentiality of patient information.

  • Integration and Automation

    Your trials become more productive when you eliminate manual processes by integrating your lab’s instruments with ELab LIMS and automating workflows.

  • Task and Event Scheduling

    Schedule routine events such as a subject’s dosage administration with notifications to trial staff. Improve lab management by scheduling calibration, inspection and other events.

  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

    Our ELN, ELab Notes, is scalable, auditable and secure. Integrate data with the images, forms and other documentation that each trial generates.

  • Reporting and Compliance

    Automated reporting reduces the overhead of submissions to the Clinical Trial Database and IRBs while maintaining CLIA and other accreditations.

  • Training and Certifications

    Manage and document training to keep your clinical investigators and staff certified on the latest standards and guidance in Good Clinical Practice.