A LIMS for Hospital Laboratories’ Many Roles

While the public may vaguely understand that hospitals have laboratories, they have no idea how central the hospital laboratory is to patient care. Your laboratory handles every specimen type and performs almost every analysis from chemistry and hematology to the latest molecular diagnostics assays. Your pathologists and medical laboratory scientists must quickly produce accurate results for the lab’s stakeholders be they physicians at out-patient clinics or surgeons in the ER.

LabLynx ELab LIMS for Hospital laboratories offers the flexible, feature-rich solution you need to keep pace with demands for your lab’s testing services. Your staff can quickly add or modify assays through ELab’s simple user interface. Specimen tracking ensures the right specimen is in the right place while providing an auditable chain-of-custody. HIPAA-compliant integrations with your hospital’s EHR/EMR platform links patients, specimens and results. Your ELab LIMS will optimize laboratory performance while enhancing your services to the rest of the hospital.

Hospital Laboratory LIMS | LabLynx
LabLynx LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

LabLynx LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

Track-and-Trace Interfaces | LabLynx


ELab’s simple UI lets staffers add new assays and workflows, manage authorized access and create automated reports.

Specimen Collection Management | LabLynx

Specimen Management

ELab LIMS can track specimens from the point of collection to their disposal. Chain-of-custody features provide an auditable record of every specimen’s journey.

Lab and Assay Scheduling | LabLynx

Lab and Assay Scheduling

ELab LIMS’ scheduling system coordinates the workflow of each test. At the department level, ELab LIMS helps you balance routine and emergency orders.

Role, Location and Certification Access Controls | LabLynx

Department Management

We help configure ELab LIMS to reflect your lab’s structure, simplifying each department’s experience by tailoring interfaces with information relevant to their work.

Quality Control | LabLynx


Quickly adapt your ELab LIMS to the surges in demand, new testing services and other aspects of a hospital laboratory’s ever-evolving role.

Sample Management | LabLynx

Inventory Management

Your lab rapidly consumes supplies from reagents to PPE. Keep your lab supplied while reducing just-in-case inventory with ELab LIMS’ inventory module.

Instrument Integration | LabLynx

LIMS Integrations

ELab LIMS links every instrument to its secure cloud database and connects your lab to the hospital’s EHR/EMR platform.

State-specific Configurations | LabLynx

Location Management

If your hospital laboratory is spread across several buildings or hospitals, ELab LIMS provides a centralized solution that supports each location’s unique services.