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Public Health LIMS

With more responsibilities and ongoing staffing issues, public health laboratories need the right LIMS to boost efficiency and free staff from time-consuming tasks.

A Scalable, Flexible LIMS for Public Health Laboratories

The future of public health laboratories poses huge opportunities and challenges. Metagenomics, for example, promise to accelerate pathogen detection, but these molecular assays and next-generation sequencing technologies generate enormous data sets. While planning for this future, your public health laboratory must also address expanding responsibilities as well as staffing and budgeting constraints. You need a LIMS that will help your lab do more with less while providing quality service.

LabLynx designed ELab LIMS for Public Health laboratories for the unique missions of laboratories at the state, tribal and local levels. Easy configurability lets your staff adapt ELab LIMS to support the range of testing services your lab offers — and scales as you adopt new assays. Instrument integration, specimen management and automated reporting tools eliminate the labor-intensive tasks burdening your laboratory staff. At the same time, your ELab LIMS becomes an important part of your lab’s accreditation with CLIA, PHAB and other certifications.

Public Health LIMS | LabLynx
LabLynx LIMS Solutions Enhance Lab Operations

Improve Productivity and Testing Performance with Public Health LiMS

  • Specimen Management

    Track specimens from the point of collection through accessioning, storage, testing and disposal with complete, auditable chain-of-custody records.

  • Configurable Assays and Workflows

    Simple interfaces let your lab’s staff quickly add or modify any kind of workflow from molecular assays to radiological testing.

  • Instrument Integration

    Reduce pre-analytical errors and unproductive manual work by integrating liquid handlers, plate readers and other instruments into your ELab LIMS.

  • Manage Consumable Inventories

    Monitoring the consumption of reagents, PPEs and other consumables let you reduce inventory costs while keeping your lab fully supplied.

  • Reporting Tools

    Simplify the transfer of public health data to federal, state, tribal and local agencies through ELab LIMS’ automated reporting tools.

  • Web Portals

    You can give clinics and other stakeholders anywhere, anytime access to status reports and test results through ELab LIMS’ secure web portals.

  • Training and Certification

    Scheduling and documentation tools help you keep your lab’s physicians, scientists and technicians current with their certifications.

  • Compliance and Accreditation

    Use ELab LIMS to document and audit your lab’s operations to help maintain accreditations with PHAB, CLIA, CAP and other programs.