Agility and Versatility to Handle Every New Assay and Workflow

Toxicology laboratories operate under the twin pressures of delivering rapid turnaround times and high throughput. Specimens that arrive from patients presenting symptoms of poisoning or exposure to toxic substances must be tested right away. At the same time, your tox lab must manage high volumes of samples for the routine testing that supports drug screening or therapeutic treatments. Complicating matters, each new substance requires new assays and workflows. You need a LIMS with the versatility to support every service your lab provides and the agility to handle constant change.

ELab LIMS from LabLynx delivers all this and more. We start by tailoring our LIMS platform to the unique combination of clinical toxicology, environmental medicine and screening services your lab offers. Simple interfaces let you quickly develop new workflows or modify existing processes. Automated specimen management and instrument integration eliminate the manual processes that cause pre-analytical errors and slow your lab’s work. Deploying ELab LIMS for Toxicology will make your lab both more productive and responsive while improving compliance with good clinical practices.

Toxicology LIMS | LabLynx
An Optimized LIMS for Toxicology Laboratories | LabLynx

An Optimized LIMS for Toxicology Laboratories

Scalable LIMS | LabLynx


Quickly configure assays and workflows to adopt new standards or when a new agent must be identified.

Specimen Collection Management | LabLynx

Specimen Management

ELab LIMS can generate barcode labels at the point of collection to support end-to-end tracking of every specimen, reducing errors and speeding throughput.

EHR/EMR integration | LabLynx

Integration with EHP/EMP

Speed information flow, return results faster and protect patient privacy by integrating your ELab LIMS with your customers’ EHP/EMP systems.

Specimen Management and Chain of Custody | LabLynx

Chain of Custody

Toxicology labs, especially those offering forensic services, need auditable records of each specimen’s chain of custody.

Task and Event Scheduling | LabLynx


Scheduling features help you balance your lab’s routine testing with the urgent specimens from patients exhibiting adverse effects from toxins.

Sample Management | LabLynx

Inventory Management

Issue restocking orders in the right quantities at the right time by monitoring your lab’s use of reagents, gloves, pipettes and other consumables.

Instrument Integration | LabLynx

Integration with Instruments

Linking your lab’s liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and other instruments with ELab LIMS improves accuracy and eliminates manual processes.

Certification-based Access | LabLynx


Auditing tools make ELab LIMS an essential resource as you maintain compliance with GCP, CLIA, ISO/IEC 17025 and other laboratory certifications.