Get the Scalable and Flexible ELab LIMS for your Bioanalytical Lab

Pharmaceutical companies turn to bioanalytical labs at every stage of the new drug development process. Outside labs provide essential expertise for assay development and validation as well as the testing capacity needed to get products to market faster. Each client expects the same high-quality service but has its own expectations, requirements and protocols. Bioanalytical labs cannot afford a LIMS that constrains their operations into rigid, one-size-fits-all processes.

ELab LIMS for Bioanalytical delivers the scalability and flexibility that labs like yours need to deliver pre-clinical and clinical research services. When your clients ask for new or modified assays, your lab can quickly respond. Thanks to ELab LIMS’ simple browser interfaces, your staff can access a broad and deep array of configuration options without calling in a programmer. Customized barcodes let you track specimens from the point of collection, in transit and throughout your lab. ELab LIMS also improves client communications through customized reports and secure web portals. Improve the accuracy, reproducibility and turnaround times of your lab’s research services with ELab LIMS for Bioanalytical.

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Adapt ELab LIMS to Every Client’s Requirements | LabLynx

Adapt ELab LIMS to Every Client’s Requirements

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Scalability for Every Lab

ELab LIMS is in use at small, single-location laboratories and globe-spanning, multi-department operations. No matter the size, we work with you to configure the optimal capabilities for your lab.

Customizable Automatic Reports | LabLynx

Custom Reporting

Develop report templates specific for each study and client. Linked with ELab LIMS, the templates will automatically pull your test data and analysis to improve accuracy and get reports done faster.

Instrument Integration | LabLynx

Instrument Integration & Management

Integrate ELab LIMS with your lab’s instruments and automation systems to eliminate the manual tasks and transcription mistakes that drive pre-analytical errors and slow turnaround times.

Role, Location and Certification Access Controls | LabLynx

Fine-Grained Access Controls

Improve security, client confidentiality and patient privacy by limiting the data, documents and systems your staff can access. Fine-grained access control rules can set permissions by client, project, location, certification and other criteria.

Track-and-Trace Interfaces | LabLynx

Configurable Assays & Workflows

Speed the development of new or revised assays. Simple interfaces let you design assays and workflows that support each study’s protocols.

Specimen Collection Management | LabLynx

Specimen Management

Create numbered and barcoded labels for each study to track specimens from the point of collection. Unalterable records preserve chains of custody to ensure data integrity.

Secure, Encrypted Cloud Database | LabLynx

Secure Cloud Platform

Improve accessibility for clients and staff alike while keeping client and subject data secure. ELab LIMS web portals provide anywhere, anytime access so clients can submit requests and receive information at their convenience. Your staff can access lab systems whether collecting specimens or working from home.

Support Your Compliance Programs | LabLynx

Auditing & Compliance

ELab LIMS streamlines compliance with good laboratory practice standards and regulations such as ISO/IEC 15189 and 21 CFR. Reporting tools let you quickly assemble information for auditors and demonstrate compliance performance to potential clients.