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Clinical Research LIMS

Clinical research laboratories need a LIMS that adapts to the demands of pre-clinical research and clinical trials.

A Flexible, Accessible and Secure LIMS for Clinical Research

New drug discovery is an extended, multi-phase process that requires rigorous adherence to protocols, data integrity, transparency and patient safety. Whether your lab leads the project or contributes specialized services, effectively managing the data clinical research produces is a growing challenge. Laboratory information management systems cannot lock your lab into specific procedures or limit your ability to collaborate.

ELab LIMS for Clinical Research is the flexible, accessible and secure solution research labs like yours need to see projects to completion. We pre-configure ELab LIMS to meet your lab’s current structure without limiting your future needs. Add new assays or modify workflows quickly to support new research directions. Our cloud platform improves productivity by letting your staff access ELab LIMS from home or the point of specimen collection. At the same time, our security features maintain your projects’ data integrity and protect patient health information. No matter where you are in the research process, ELab LIMS for Clinical Research can improve efficiency, reduce costly errors and help deliver positive research outcomes.

Clinical Research LIMS | LabLynx
Designed for the Needs of Clinical Research Labs | LabLynx

Designed for the Needs of Clinical Research Labs

  • Configurable to Research Protocols

    Research staff use simple browser interfaces to configure assays, methods, specimen preparation and other workflows to the requirements of your research protocols.

  • Events, Verifications & Alerts

    Schedule specimen collection or patient observations. Define rules to verify data quality. Generate alerts to notify research staff of upcoming or critical events.

  • Specimen Management

    Track specimens from the point of collection, link them to subsequent aliquots and ensure your research is not impacted by specimen handling errors.

  • Patient Information Management

    ELab LIMS secures medical histories, consent records, demographics and other patient information in compliance with HIPAA and other data protection rules while making them accessible to authorized researchers.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    Running in the cloud, ELab LIMS is accessible anytime from anywhere on any device to maximize your lab’s productivity. State-of-the-art encryption and regular backups protect your research data.

  • Access Control

    Protect patient privacy and data integrity further by defining access control rules that limit your laboratory’s staff to instruments, assays and ELab LIMS features based on their role, project participation, competencies and other factors.

  • Portals & Reports

    Improve communication with patients and stakeholders by creating report templates and private web portals that automatically pull data from your ELab LIMS’ centralized data store.

  • Streamline Compliance

    Auditing and reporting tools streamline your lab’s maintenance of CAP, ISO 15189, CLIA and other accreditations.