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NextGen Sequencing LIMS

ELab LIMS for NextGen Sequencing helps your lab manage the complexity and volume of genetic sequencing data to make your lab more productive and responsive.

Prepare Your Lab for the Next Generation of Genetic Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is revolutionizing public health, clinical research and patient outcomes. From the surveillance of infectious diseases to personalized medicine, mapping the human genome can deliver better, more targeted results. However, this new technology increases the data management burden laboratories must bear. NGS is a complex, multi-stage process that requires strict adherence to workflows and painstaking quality controls. At the same time, NGS instruments generate hundreds of gigabytes of data per genome. Considering the hundreds or thousands of patient specimens labs typically handle, simply handling the data volumes becomes a challenge of its own.

LabLynx’s laboratory testing experts optimized ELab LIMS for NextGen Sequencing to help labs like yours take control of their genomic data. Scalable and flexible, ELab LIMS adapts to your lab’s internal processes, customer requirements and NGS services. Whenever you need to modify a sequencing workflow, your staff can get it done quickly using ELab LIMS’ simple browser interfaces. You can track every specimen and library with all associated metadata and an auditable chain of custody. Automating error-prone manual workflows makes your lab more productive and reduces turnaround times. ELab LIMS for NextGen Sequencing will improve your lab’s performance while helping you comply with CLIA, HIPAA and other regulations.

NextGen Sequencing LIMS | LabLynx
An NGS LIMS Optimized for Your Lab | LabLynx

An NGS LIMS Optimized for Your Lab

  • Ready for Your Lab

    LabLynx works with you to configure ELab LIMS for your lab’s unique needs. From organizational structure to common NGS assays and workflows, you need a LIMS that works the way your lab works.

  • Configurable Assays and Workflows

    Your staff can add or modify NGS assays and workflows. No programming or service calls are needed. ELab LIMS’ browser interfaces expose deep configuration options to tailor workflows to your lab’s SOPs.

  • Specimen & Library Tracking

    Generate numbered and barcoded labels to track specimens, aliquots and libraries from accessioning through sequencing and into long-term storage. ELab LIMS can define storage locations down to space on specific shelves to make retrieval more efficient.

  • Inventory Tracking

    ELab LIMS also tracks reagents and other consumables. Besides helping to manage inventory more efficiently, this data can be associated with specimens and libraries to ensure workflow compliance.

  • Instrument Integration & Management

    Link sequencers, automation tools and other instruments with ELab LIMS to eliminate data-handling errors and speed data transfers. Reduce downtime by monitoring instrument performance, calibration and maintenance.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    ELab LIMS stores your lab’s data in LabLynx’s secure cloud platform. Fully encrypted at rest and in transit, your data and LIMS settings are protected with regular backups.

  • Role-Based Access Controls

    Improve security and patient privacy by strictly defining access policies by role, project, location, certifications and other criteria.

  • Accreditation & Compliance

    Use ELab LIMS’ auditing and reporting tools to streamline your lab’s CLIA, CAP, ISO/IEC 15189 or other accreditation efforts.