LabLynx LIMS Solutions for Stability Testing Laboratories

Managing stability studies gets complicated very quickly. Samples need to be stored for years under specific environmental conditions, pulled at the right time and tested under the study’s protocol. ICH and FDA guidelines do not specify testing procedures, so new or modified methods may need to be validated. With long-term studies lasting for years, clearly-defined protocols and workflows are needed to avoid issues caused by staff turnover. This is why stability testing laboratories require an informatics solution optimized for their unique needs.

LabLynx offers the complete Stability Testing Informatics Solution your lab needs to become more efficient and productive. Simple browser interfaces let you manage the deep configurability of our ELab LIMS software. Define the protocols, workflows and methods for every study. Plan sample collection and track every sample down to the specific area of a storage unit’s shelf. Simple configurability speeds the iterative process of developing and validating new methods. Stability Testing Informatics Solutions from LabLynx make your staff more productive while automating manual processes to make your lab more efficient.

Stability Testing LIMS | LabLynx
Get the Capabilities You Need for Efficient Stability Testing | LabLynx

Get the Capabilities You Need for Efficient Stability Testing

Specimen Collection Management | LabLynx

Sample Collection

Plan the collection of samples for each stability study. Associate samples with the study’s protocols as well as metadata including batch or lot number.

Task and Event Scheduling | LabLynx

Schedules & Alerts

Assign pull schedules and workflows to every sample based on the study’s protocols. Staff can receive alerts for each step in the testing process.

Instrument Integration | LabLynx

Instrument Integration

Integrate your test instruments to avoid errors. Link your storage units to automatically record environmental conditions.

Support Your Compliance Programs | LabLynx

Staff Training & Certification

Manage schedules, track certifications and set access controls to ensure every test is performed at the right time by staff with the right competencies.

Sample Management | LabLynx

Sample Tracking

With samples stored in many places, you need a unified view of every sample’s location, room, storage unit and shelf.

Track-and-Trace Interfaces | LabLynx

Configurable Methods & Workflows

Quickly develop and validate new methods using ELab LIMS’ simple browser interfaces. Without any programming, your staff has access to deep configuration options.

Instrument Management | LabLynx

Instrument Management

Maximize the availability of your lab’s instruments by monitoring performance, scheduling calibration tests, and timing maintenance during slow periods.

Certification-based Access | LabLynx

Streamline Compliance

Using your LabLynx solution to enforce compliance with each study’s protocols makes it easier to demonstrate your laboratory’s quality for CLIA, ISO/IEC 17025 and other accreditations.