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Packaging LIMS

Packaging testing laboratories need a LIMS that adapts quickly to the requirements of new products, customers and industries.

Packaging Testing LIMS Optimized for Laboratory

There is more to packaging than meets the eye. Each product and customer will have unique design requirements. Packaging must protect products in transit from rough handling. It must also shield contents from temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. If the packaging contains food or drugs, it must prevent external contamination without contaminating its contents. Finally, packaging must conform to standards set by industry, retailers, and regulators. With so many variables at play, packaging testing labs need a LIMS that they can adapt to their latest customers’ needs.

ELab LIMS for Packaging optimizes your lab for environmental, mechanical and chemical testing. Pre-configured with methods and workflows common to the industry, ELab LIMS reduces deployment times and facilitates conformance with ASTM, ISO, ISTA and other standards. Consolidating processes and data management within ELab LIMS lets you reduce errors and turnaround times. Lab productivity will also improve as your staff replaces manual tasks with higher-value testing activities. Improve the quality of your testing services with ELab LIMS for Packaging.

Packaging LIMS | LabLynx
Configured for Your Packaging Testing Services | LabLynx

Configured for Your Packaging Testing Services

  • Designed for Packaging Test Labs

    LabLynx pre-populates ELab LIMS with features specific to labs like yours, including industry-standard methods and common report templates.

  • Configurable Methods & Workflows

    Simple browser interfaces let your staff quickly add or modify ELab LIMS to support new testing requirements — without calling in a programmer.

  • Secure Cloud Platform

    Improve productivity without compromising security. Running in the cloud, ELab LIMS delivers anywhere, anytime access while fully encrypting all data.

  • Flexible Access Controls

    Improve SOP compliance and enhance security by limiting user access based on role, location and department as well as by instrument certifications and testing competence.

  • Instrument Integration & Management

    Automating data flows between your instruments and ELab LIMS eliminates errors while freeing your staff for higher-value tasks. Management tools let you schedule maintenance and calibration events to maximize up-time.

  • Inventory Management

    Optimize your lab’s inventory levels to ensure consumables are always available while minimizing costs.

  • Custom Reports

    Improve internal and external communications by creating report templates that automatically populate data from ELab LIMS.

  • Audit Preparation

    With your lab’s data in one place, ELab LIMS streamlines the audits required by accreditations and certifications such as ISO 17025, GCMP, ISTA and more.