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Process Manufacturing LIMS

Get a LIMS optimized for the testing demands needed to keep manufacturing processes operating within specifications.

Flexible and Scalable Process Manufacturing LIMS

From formula development to quality assurance, process manufacturing relies on laboratory testing. That work, however, is becoming increasingly complex as labs test a growing variety of process inputs, intermediates and bulk outputs. Quality labs must deliver accurate results with fast turnaround times so plants can keep processes running efficiently. Research labs need flexible, collaborative workflows as they develop new formulas and processing techniques. From the company’s perspective, these and other labs cannot operate in silos — their data must be accessible throughout the enterprise. Only a LIMS optimized for the needs of process manufacturing can integrate lab operations while maximizing productivity and performance.

ELab LIMS for Process Manufacturing unifies your company’s laboratories within a single informatics solution that can integrate seamlessly with process information management and enterprise resource planning systems. Automating information flows within your labs and with other stakeholders eliminates costly errors and lets plant managers respond quickly to out-of-specification test results. ELab LIMS delivers powerful capabilities through easy-to-use interfaces. Whether you run a single lab or a large multi-location, multi-department testing operation, ELab LIMS for Process Manufacturing makes testing more accurate and efficient while improving process quality assurance.

Process Manufacturing LIMS | LabLynx
Optimized Capabilities for Process Manufacturing Laboratories | LabLynx

Process Manufacturing LIMS Optimized Capabilities for Your Laboratory

  • Tailored for Your Lab

    LabLynx shortens deployments by configuring your LIMS with the methods, workflows, reports and other capabilities common to your industry.

  • Configurable Assays & Workflows

    ELab LIMS lets your staff configure sampling procedures, testing and other workflows as ingredients, formulas and processes change.

  • Instrument Integration

    We can link your instruments with ELab LIMS to eliminate transcription and conversion errors, free staff from manual tasks and reduce turnaround times.

  • Systems Integration

    When you integrate ELab LIMS with your company’s planning and production systems, you cut turnaround times even further to help keep production processes running efficiently.

  • Secure, Accessible Cloud Platform

    ELab LIMS runs on a cloud platform with guaranteed uptimes that lets your staff access lab systems anywhere at any time. Best-in-class encryption, as well as regular backups, protect your company’s proprietary data.

  • Granular Access Controls

    Improve security and productivity by limiting your staff to only the ELab LIMS features they need for their work. Set access policies by location, department, role, certification status and other criteria.

  • Conformance & Compliance

    Customizable reporting and analysis tools keep your manufacturing and testing processes aligned with company SOPs, industry standards as well as local, state, federal and international regulations.

  • Streamline Accreditations

    From international standards such as ISO/IEC 17025 to best practice mandates such as 21 CFR Part 11, ELab LIMS’ auditing tools streamline assessments to help your labs achieve and maintain accreditations.