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The LabLynx ELab LIMS for COVID Testing solution is a complete system for managing all aspects of sample collection, testing, reporting and analysis data for scenarios like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Combines LabLynx Solutions to Speed-Up Turnaround Time

The central component of ELab LIMS for COVID Testing is our ELab Laboratory Information Management System, or LiMS, COVID Edition, which manages all laboratory information. Its cloud database powers the entire solution. The other components are the SICkit sample information collection kit, myLabLynx issue management and support portal, myLabCare health provider portal, LIMSforum community social media site, and exclusive LabVia integrating tool – all sitting on LabLynx’s advanced Next Generation Informatics platform, Your ELab for COVID Testing solution will be tailored to your exact situation, using all or part of these powerful components.
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Combines LabLynx Solutions to Speed-Up Turnaround Time

ELab for COVID Testing Industry Applications

  • Public Health Testing

  • Clinics & POLs

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Reference Laboratories

  • Environmental

  • Schools & Universities

  • Nursing Homes

  • Research Laboratories

  • Workplace Testing

  • Mobile Testing

Sample Information Collection

Let’s say a company wants to have all of their employees tested, maybe even on a regular basis as a way to keep on top of steps they need to take to contain a novel coronavirus. They can all be entered manually to the myLabCare web portal, or transferred in from HR records. The Sample Information Collection Kit accesses that, and verifies it by scanning official IDs, then prints a barcoded label for each sample as it is taken. Nothing handwritten, no typos or mistakes. The SiCKIT can also operate independently, allowing ad hoc sampling information collection to be uploaded to the system.
Sample Information Collection | LabLynx

Accessioned into ELab for COVID

The sample is transported to the lab, where its label is scanned and all registration information brought up as the sample is accessioned into the COVID-specific version of ELab LIMS to be processed.

ELab for COVID Testing Provides:

  • CLIA Compliance
  • A Flexible, Easily Configurable Workflow
  • High Throughput Handling
  • Sample Pooling Capability
  • Full Integration and Automation Capability
  • Interfacing to Billing Services [Billing Interface]
Accessioned into ELab for COVID | LabLynx

Connecting All the Components

LabVia connects all the components with the database, including the lab’s instruments – creating a secure, closed, automated system that transfers data where they need to go: accurately, completely and immediately. The LIMS generates the results report, and LabVia sends it to the myLabCare health provider web portal.
Connecting All the Components | LabLynx

Maintaining Accuracy

The LIMS is also hugely important in maintaining accuracy in testing in other ways – first and foremost in molecular testing. PCR-based testing is complex and its accuracy depends on each step being done properly. ELab for COVID can mandate each procedure, ensuring they are all done properly and in the correct sequence. With results entered automatically, direct from the instruments, errors are reduced to the smallest amount possible, or eliminated entirely. And any presumptive results can automatically trigger a confirmation test.
Maintaining Accuracy | LabLynx