Improve Laboratory Accuracy and Reporting Quality with a LIMS

Analytical mistakes represent a shrinking share of errors in well-run laboratories. In multiple studies of clinical testing laboratories, more than 90% of errors occur before or after tests are performed. [1] Relatively error-free testing should not be surprising. After all, the bench is where laboratories can exert the most control using: Standards-based processes, Instrument maintenance and calibration, Professional certification, Proficiency …

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LIMS Software: Build or Buy?

There is a progression in technology utilization that many labs go through on their way to choosing LIMS software. A lot depends on the size of the organization, the resources it has available to it, and its experience in lab operations. Smaller groups in particular may begin with paper-based workflows and documentation (e.g., for test methods, etc.). As they tire …

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LIMS for Medical Examiners

A forensics and medical examiners lab may analyze anything from body fluids and bone fragments to metals and fire debris as part of their broad commitment to answering questions of interest to a legal system. These laboratory-based investigations see forensic scientists collect, preserve, and analyze these types of samples (i.e., evidence) using a variety of special laboratory equipment and techniques. …

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The Ideal LIMS for Clinical Diagnostics

Finding and implementing the ideal LIMS is not as straight forward as other software purchases. It requires in-depth research, planning, communication and knowledge. Given how much information the lab has to arm itself with to make the best decision on the ideal LIMS, this process can leave many labs frustrated before even getting started. We want to help alleviate some …

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Your Ideal LIMS for Cannabis Testing

Which Cannabis LIMS software solution is best for your lab? The LabLynx CannaQA Standard Edition LIMS is designed for the start-up cannabis testing laboratory that needs to get up and running quickly. For larger labs with higher sample volume and the need for complete system control and configuration, the LabLynx CannaQA Enterprise Edition is a perfect choice.

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Ideal LIMS for Your Laboratory

LabLynx ELab LIMS is a flexible, scalable, configurable LIMS that can be moulded to your lab’s specific workflow. Our team of laboratory experts and application engineers work with you to adjust our system into a solution that meets your needs.

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Healthcare & Clinical Diagnostics

Designed specifically for the healthcare and clinical diagnostic industries, LabLynx’s Healthcare Solution is a complete laboratory product suite that combines a physician portal, patient portal, ELN and an industry-specific versioning of our ELab LIMS that features a LIMS/LIS hybrid.

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Forensics & Medical Examiners | LabLynx

Forensics & Medical Examiners

Manage your cases, evidence and samples in a secure, auditable environment with LabLynx ELab LIMS for Forensics and Medical Examiners. With our configurable, flexible solution, you can manage every aspect of your lab’s data and operations.

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The master platform for all LabLynx LIMS solutions for every industry.

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COVIDLiMS for Research Laboratories

The perfect solution for COVID or any other research – plus full OSHA testing in today’s pandemic conditions.

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COVIDLiMS for Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health and Safety

Learn about how your lab can manage complete COVID testing for all aspects of OHS, from scheduling and sample collection to reporting and more – and be live and operational in 1-3 weeks!

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COVIDLiMS for Environmental and Wastewater Labs

Wastewater Epidemiology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our strategies for combating the coronavirus pandemic. COVIDLiMS for Environmental and Wastewater Labs gives you everything you need to meet that challenge.

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