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Flexible LIMS - LabLynx

The Ideal LIMS for Clinical Diagnostics

The ideal clinical laboratory is one that provides timely and accurate test results that lead to improved patient outcomes or practical clinical discoveries benefiting future patients.


Flexible LIMS - LabLynx

Ideal LIMS for Your Laboratory

LabLynx ELab LIMS is a flexible, scalable, configurable LIMS that can be moulded to your lab’s specific workflow. Our team of laboratory experts and application engineers work with you to adjust our system into a solution that meets your needs.
Flexible LIMS - LabLynx

Healthcare & Clinical Diagnostics

Designed specifically for the healthcare and clinical diagnostic industries, LabLynx’s Healthcare Solution is a complete laboratory product suite that combines a physician portal, patient portal, ELN and an industry-specific versioning of our ELab LIMS that features a LIMS/LIS hybrid.
Flexible LIMS - LabLynx

Forensics & Medical Examiners

Manage your cases, evidence and samples in a secure, auditable environment with LabLynx ELab LIMS for Forensics and Medical Examiners. With our configurable, flexible solution, you can manage every aspect of your lab’s data and operations.



The master platform for all LabLynx LIMS solutions for every industry.

COVIDLiMS for Research Laboratories

The perfect solution for COVID or any other research - plus full OSHA testing in today's pandemic conditions.

COVIDLiMS for Environmental and Wastewater Labs

Wastewater Epidemiology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our strategies for combating the coronavirus pandemic. COVIDLiMS for Environmental and Wastewater Labs gives you everything you need to meet that challenge.

COVIDLiMS for Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health and Safety

Learn about how your lab can manage complete COVID testing for all aspects of OHS, from scheduling and sample collection to reporting and more - and be live and operational in 1-3 weeks!