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How a LIMS Can Remove Inefficiencies in Your Workflow and Save You Time

By Bridgette Hudak| November 16, 2021

Time – life’s most precious commodity. It’s something we wish we had more of that seems to slip away too quickly, so we work to fit as much as we can into our daily allotted 86400 seconds.

Working in a laboratory, every second counts – especially given the recent increased demand for testing and faster turn arounds. It seems like there is more work coming in with less time and resources to complete it. The current lab staffing shortage doesn’t help solve this problem either.

Two of the biggest time drains in any setting, but especially laboratories, are workflow inefficiency and disorganization. Constantly hunting for records on paper or in spreadsheets, transcribing information and miscommunication can put further strain on the time you have allotted to perform tests.

You and your team need a helping hand. While we can’t add more time to your day, a laboratory information management system (LIMS) can help you optimize your workflow to make the most of the allotted time you do have. A LIMS can help you reduce manual processes and increase operational efficiencies, so you spend more time running tests and less time in paperwork.

Here are the top areas where a LIMS can help save you time and remove inefficiencies in your workflow:

Sample Management

At its core, a LIMS is a sample management platform. With LabLynx ELab LIMS you can know within seconds which samples are in your possession, which order they’re tied to and which team member had them last. Track your samples from cradle-to-grave in a secure, easy to use platform.

Results Data Entry

One of the biggest areas a LIMS can help optimize your workflow is with results data entry. LabLynx ELab LIMS can interface with almost any instrument, automating data entry from your lab equipment to the LIMS. This process takes this workflow step from minutes to seconds – saving you time and reducing potential transcription errors that arise from manual entry. We support both bidirectional and unidirectional interfaces with several options to upload results in an effective and efficient manner.

Maintenance and Calibration Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper logs for tracking instrument maintenance and calibration history. You can document when the actions were performed directly in the LIMS to create clear history logs of work performed that is tied to each instrument. Not just for historical data tracking, you can create maintenance and calibration schedules for future repairs and receive alerts when the actions are coming due.

Billing Management

Not only does our LIMS share data with instruments, it can also integrate with third-parties, including billing services. QuickBooks, ADS, EHRs, our LIMS can pass data between systems in your lab’s tech stack to save you time – especially when it comes to billing. No longer do you have to dig for and manually enter information from one system to the next, a LIMS can streamline this process by sharing information directly between multiple systems -shortening your payment collection timeline.

Report Building and Sending

Create reports in minutes. With LabLynx ELab LIMS, you can design report templates that reflect the information you want to share. You can easily add the test results to the report template and have it ready to send within seconds. Once it’s ready to send, you can email and/or fax the report directly from the system. If using a client portal, you can also publish the report to the secure portal for seamless sharing.

Test Requisitioning

Save time and reduce the opportunity for costly transcription errors with LIMS client portals. LabLynx’s online portals interface directly with the LIMS – passing information instantaneously between the two systems. In this, you can create online test requisition forms hosted on the portal that immediately send the input information to your LIMS. Secure and efficient, this process eliminates the need for manual transcription and ensures you receive the complete information you need.

Client Communication

Simplify client communication with online portals. As the portals communicate directly with the LIMS, you can configure the system to send regular test progress updates to alert clients to which stage their test is in. You can also send reports directly to the clients from the LIMS to the portal as soon as they’re ready. Order history and their corresponding reports are stored in the portal, so clients can search and review previous orders as needed. You can also use the portals to receive required information from clients securely. You can request contact information, billing information and vital sample information.

Get more time back in your day with a LIMS that can help you streamline your workflow and increase operational efficiency. To learn more about LabLynx ELab LIMS, click here to schedule a call with our team or sign up for our newsletter below.