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Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) - LabLynxWith often multiple applications processing different types of information and data in many environments, it can be a good idea to have an SDMS to hold and manage all of the disparate kinds of files, images, projects and what-not in a single, searchable place. Secure document management and versioning in full compliance with regulations and standards is a necessary part of most lab, project or agency information handling, and if other apps are unable to perform those duties, then an SDMS ensures organization and compliance.
Whether doing research, commercial/reference testing, internal testing, diagnostics or any other kind of scientific work, your LabLynx, Inc.® account can provide you with the SDMS you need to ensure all your information, files and folders are securely organized yet easily accessible, making cross-checking, trending and any audits stress-free.