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WEBINAR: Practical Aspects of Forensic Genetic and Genealogy & What It’s Revealing about the Criminal Justice System

By LabLynx Staff | November 9, 2021

LabLynx partners with the New Jersey Association of Forensic Science (NJAFS) on its December 8 webinar featuring forensic genealogy.

Join us December 8th at 12pm EST as we support NJAFS in their webinar on forensic genealogy titled Practical Aspects of Forensic Genetic and Genealogy & What It’s Revealing About the Criminal Justice System. Dr. Collen Fitzpatrick of Identifiers International, LLC will be leading the session.

About the Webinar

Forensic Genetic Genealogy (FGG) has evolved from a miracle cure for the common cold case to its recognition as a practical tool that can be used to generate investigative leads in cases that were thought to be unsolvable. Arguably, FGG is now to DNA identification what CODIS was in the 1990s.

In this webinar, Dr. Fitzpatrick will provide insight into the practical implementation of FGG by law enforcement agencies interested in developing their own in-house FGG units. She will also explore what FGG has revealed to us about the criminal justice system in the form of missed opportunities to solve decades-old crimes through CODIS. While FGG does not require an offender to be in an FGG database to be identified, he (or his immediate family member in the case of familial searching) must be present in CODIS to achieve a hit. For this reason, many offenders identified through FGG had fallen through the cracks and continued to offend. To illustrate how effective FGG is compared to conventional CODIS identification, Dr. Fitzpatrick will present the results of a survey taken of 100 cold cases solved through FGG, categorized according to date of the offense and criminal record of the offender.

She will conclude with a discussion of public opinion as a major influence on the continued use of crowd-sourced FGG databases as an integral part of this game-changing investigative tool.