Join our 1,707,098 community members. - LabLynx is our secure could platform that hosts our informatic, developer and industry specific applications. will expand to include an application desktop where you can access any of our cloud applications from a remote desktop.

LiMSForum - LabLynx


LiMSForum is a free social network built for laboratory, informatics, medical and scientific professionals seeking an open environment to network and grow in industry knowledge. LiMSForum is owned by LabLynx but operates independently as its own department.

LIMSHelp - LabLynx


LiMSHelp is a cloud-based platform designed as a modular system to handle the full-service life cycle of all the software that make up your LIMS solution. The platform tightly integrates LabLynx service and support staff with your own staff so that we become an extension of your laboratory.

JetSoft - LabLynx


JetSoft is the open-source research and development department of LabLynx, Inc. JetSoft selects, funds and develops a growing library of horizontal technology applications and platforms that the LabLynx line of Laboratory Informatics Application depend upon.

Expanding the LIMS Experience - LabLynx