An open-source R&D department within LabLynx that operates and maintains the JetSoft open source repository that is public for all to participate in and consume freely.
LabLynx has an obligation and commitment to all of our clients to maintain quality, business continuity and innovation. It is not acceptable to rely on technology platforms that are of poor quality, unreliable or become obsolete. Proprietary technology has the potential to put our clients at risk because LabLynx does not control, own, operate or have any influence over those platforms. Examples of this are: browsers, Operating Systems, office applications, integrations, automation technology, IoT applications, content management, Dev/Sec/Ops tools and numerous others. To this end, LabLynx created JetSoft.
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Cloud Technology Platform | LabLynx

JetSoft Open-Source Projects

OpenSocial | LabLynx


IAM and Social Enterprise Platform
JetOS | LabLynx


Cloud Technology Platform
JetOffice | LabLynx


Office Tools and Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Open-Source Technologies & Platforms Supported & Used by JetSoft

  • Linux
  • Android
  • NodeRed
  • WordPress
  • GraphQL
  • Node.js
  • SimpleSAML
  • LDAP
  • NextCloud
  • VisualStudio Code
  • Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Chromium
  • Docker
  • AlienVault
  • Elastic Search
  • Jupyter

The list continues to grow and is becoming an integral part of our complete technology stack with full support, maintenance and development. These technologies are useful but only through careful integration and focus on the laboratory needs with full stack solutions that do not focus on technology rather focus entirely on the laboratory solution. Technology is not an end, but simply a means to an end. The end goal of laboratory satisfaction and productivity is the single driving force behind the creation of JetSoft within LabLynx. We needed a formal platform developed to support our overall lab solution mission and JetSoft is a critical platform that helps us maintain that mission and it does so with safety, security, reliability and performance.

It does not stop there. When LabLynx consumes and uses Open Source, we work hard to give back to that community with funding and shared development that is pushed back to the original repositories. An example of our funding of open source was to help fund the open source ELN, sciNote. LabLynx was one of the original funding sources for sciNote though their Kickstarter campaign. We have also funded open-source development of numerous NodeRed integrations flows and WordPress plugins and even complete open-source LIMS projects built on top of an open source ERP. We also operate the largest Open Access repository of LIMS information and knowledge base, and the largest Open Access LIMS social network of over 1.5 Million members,

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JetSoft is the open-source research and development department of LabLynx, Inc. JetSoft selects, funds and develops a growing library of horizontal technology applications and platforms that the LabLynx line of Laboratory Informatics Application depend upon. LabLynx became aware of the value of open source to the information technology industry as a whole quite a few years ago. We realized that no business can be reliant on a proprietary technology that can become deprecated, leaving the business in a state that is not sound and carries potentially a huge risk to its survival.
JetSoft Open-Source Projects | LabLynx

What does this mean for your laboratory?

It is simple. It means that when you choose to go with a LabLynx solution, your solution is built on open technology that will be supported, maintained, enhanced and as close to future proof as you can get. You have a global community of developers that stand behind the selected technologies, and you will be operating your lab on a Laboratory Informatics platform that you can enhance and adapt for a time span measured in decades. This all translates into good value for your lab. We believe this is the future of most all software and companies like Google and AWS have built their entire companies and platforms on this concept. Open Technology is the safe choice, the smart choice and JetSoft has been created within LabLynx to deliver that open technology platform to every solution we deliver to our clients.