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What is a LIMS without service?

A LIMS or any enterprise line of business system is nearly pointless without services to implement, host, support, maintain and warrant that system. There is a lot that goes into delivering Laboratory Informatics, Medical and Scientific solutions (LIMS) that can meet the exacting needs of your laboratory. The basic formula is: Products + Services = Solution. This is intuitive and if you miss any part of that simple equation, you will not end up with a solution.

This is where LiMSHelp comes in.

LiMSHelp is a cloud-based platform designed as a modular system to handle the full-service life cycle of all the software that make up your LIMS solution. The platform tightly integrates LabLynx service and support staff with your own staff so that we become an extension of your laboratory. This is accomplished by providing modular functionality within the service platform such as:

  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Help Desk
  • Emergency Support
  • Instant Messaging with screen sharing & video conferencing
  • Remote System Access
  • File Sharing
  • Dev/Sec/Ops (Development, Security, Cloud Hosting Operations) Tools Suite
  • System Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • LIMS administration functions

With the LiMSHelp platform, LabLynx can act as an extension of your existing IT and LIMS admin department or we can provide the full suite of services under an outsourced services model.

It does not stop there. LabLynx understands that the LIMS is the central information and operational hub of the laboratory, so we have expanded our scope of services to provide not only technical services related to your LIMS but business services that include staff recruiting and marketing to build, maintain and optimize your web presence and tight integration with your clients through our laboratory portal offerings. With the LabLynx social network for laboratories, we have over 1.5M members and growing at over 1000 new members per day. LiMSForum can be utilized to recruit hard to find staff and to boost your laboratories presence in the industry to spread your message across numerous social communities.

LabLynx is not just your LIMS provider, we are your partner in success and LIMS help is at the center for delivering that success in a collaborative model.