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    Solutions for every type of lab, most importantly YOUR lab.

  • Lab technicians

    sciCloud.net® solutions for every lab.

    We have developed comprehensive laboratory information software that fits every industry and can be customized for every lab.

    Our industry experience coupled with our client-centric focus, allows us to provide a solution that is Unique to YOUR Laboratory providing benefits and the advantage to make your lab stand out from the rest.


  • sciCloud.net® provides an extensive app library...

    All applications are built on a configurable / customizable platform so that the solution can adapt to your exacting requirements.

    Learn more about the available applications.

  • The sciCloud.net® Solutions Platform

  • The LabLynx Informatics Solutions Platform

    sciCloud.net® is a community-driven platform that provides an integrated suite of technologies and applications that are configured and implemented specific to YOUR requirements and workflows.

    sciCloud.net® solutions run on multiple user devices such as the PC and mobile devices and you can run the applications on your server or in our cloud.  It is always your choice.

  • Your Solution: 

     LabLynx offers dozens of prepackaged industry solution templates specific to your type of laboratory.  These solutions reduce the amount of time it takes to bring you live and productive with a solution that is tailored to your needs.  Contact us to get a demonstration specific to your lab.

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    Cloud Apps: 

    LabLynx provides an integrated suite of web browser-accessible applications that cover nearly every data management need that your laboratory has.  Check out the wide variety of applications along with all their features and functions. New apps are being added constantly to our sciCloud.net suite of applications.

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    Development Platform:  

    sciForge.net is the open platform for customizing most all of our LabLynx applications specific to your needs. sciForge.net is an optional application available within your sciCloud.net account.  You get access to sciForge.net's Platform as a Service (PaaS) with powerful development tools to personalize your organizations application experience.

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    Cloud Platform: 

    LabLynx provides a the complete, secure and compliant cloud hosting environment that runs all of our application suites.  We manage all of the IT infrastructure, maintenance, support and updates as part of our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  For you, there are no IT headaches, hardware or software to maintain.  It is all included in your LabLynx subscription account.

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    Community Platform:  

     LiMSforum.com is the hub of the LabLynx Community Network Platform. You're in good company with our 1,458,471 members.  Access to all of the sites within the LabLynx Community Network are free and open and can easily be accessed through your Linkedin account.

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