• sciCloud.net® provides an extensive app library...

    All applications are built on a configurable / customizable platform so that the solution can adapt to your exacting requirements.

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  • Benefits You Expect from Cloud Apps for the Laboratory...

  • Easy Access. Easy Use.

    Simple to use. Log on anywhere there's Internet access.
  • Fits Any Budget

    sciCloud.net® provides value that can meet any budget for any size lab.
  • Quick Startup

    Minimize your time to "go live" with configuration templates.
  • Grows With You

    Perfect for any size lab. Scale from a one user lab to thousands of users with support for multiple lab sites globally.
  • Customize to Your Needs

    With sciCloud.net® solutions, it is not a question of IF but HOW. All of our applications can be customized.
  • Your Competitive Advantage

    sciCloud.net® provides solutions to give your lab the winning advantage. You win, and your lab clients win.