Expanding the LIMS Experience

Professional Services

LabLynx designed ELab LIMS with powerful, yet simple, configuration tools so customers can adapt their LIMS to the way they work. LabLynx Professional Services are here when those tools are not enough. Our team of developers and application engineers will work with you to tailor your LIMS experience even further.

Cloud Hosting

Since LabLynx hosts your LIMS in our secure cloud platform, your lab gets the benefits of the latest professionally-maintained technologies without the investments and overhead. Your staff can access lab resources anywhere and at any time to improve productivity and collaboration. We encrypt your lab’s data, at rest and in transit, to protect personal and proprietary information. Your LabLynx solution will run on secure AWS platforms that are certified to the highest SSAE SOC 2 standards, streamlining your lab’s compliance with HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11 and other data standards.
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LIMS Customizations

Our standard offerings let you configure your lab’s LIMS experience. Your team can add or modify methods, design reports, enforce granular user access controls and more. You can expand your LIMS capabilities further by selecting custom plugins such as electronic laboratory notebooks, project management systems and data visualization tools. Our Professional Services team can take things to another level by developing customized features unique to your lab.

Custom Integrations

Far from operating in a vacuum, your LIMS must interface with myriad internal and external resources. We can link your LIMS to your company’s enterprise resource planning, electronic health record or billing systems. If you want to eliminate errors and boost productivity, we can integrate your LIMS with your lab’s instruments and automation systems. Our integration services can connect LIMS data with customer-facing web portals or to external databases such as APHL’s AIMS health network or the EPA’s Water Quality Portal.
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Implementation Support

We will work with you throughout the implementation process to ensure your LIMS works the way it should from day one. Based on your input, LabLynx Implementation Engineers perform the initial setup of users, standard reports and the methods common to your industry. We perform end-to-end testing from sample reception and labeling through every test process and report. Once your LIMS goes live, we have staff standing by to help your team through the learning curve.
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Implementation Support | LabLynx


Keeping your lab’s data in one place is a productivity multiplier which is why you may want your existing data in your new LIMS. You can draw on the extensive experience LabLynx engineers have with data migration projects. We help you plan the migration based on retention policies and regulations, customer requirements and other priorities. Our team will scan or copy your data into a temporary database for analysis and mapping. Finally, we will transfer and transform the data to make it accessible to everyone on your LIMS.


Your LIMS plays an essential role in the quality of your lab’s services. We can help validate your lab’s compliance with international quality accreditations including ISO/IEC 17025 or 15189. If you operate in a regulated industry, we can validate compliance with data security and best practices regulations such as HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11. LabLynx customers operate in every industry. We know what it takes for your LIMS to comply with industry-specific accreditations such as AASHTO or Nadcap.
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Given the level of configuration and customization needed to create a LIMS that supports your lab’s services, your staff will need learning resources based on your lab’s LIMS. We will conduct online training sessions that use your LIMS implementation. Every session is recorded for your employees to review at any time. Administrator training sessions cover every aspect of managing your LIMS. We conduct separate training sessions for each role in your lab so your staff gets the information that matters most to them.
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Help Desk

Our online Help Desk is available 24-hours-a-day from any internet connection. Your staff can get answers about how your LIMS works. Should an issue occur, your LIMS administrator will get instant responses from our tech support experts. Your LabLynx Help Desk is also your lab’s reference library for all manuals, training session videos and other information.

24/7 Support

Keeping your lab operating smoothly is our top concern. We have a dedicated support team standing by in event of an emergency. More direct than calling us or even using the Help Desk, our response team will jump on the issue to get your lab operational again.
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