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Over the past year, many clinical diagnostic labs ran into the limitations of their inflexible or simply insufficient data management systems. The pandemic showed us that labs needed to support a rapidly evolving response with testing on a scale never seen before. LabLynx’s extremely user configurable ClinDx laboratory informatics system (LIS) lets clinical diagnostic labs quickly and affordably address the critical short-term demands of the pandemic response. But when the pandemic ends, laboratories will find they have a full-featured, flexible clinical lab LIS that supports all their testing services and any needs that may come up in the future.

Benefits of a Versatile, Flexible Clinical Lab LIS

LabLynx developed ClinDx with the primary goal of creating a laboratory informatics solution that reflects the nature of clinical diagnostic testing. Rather than forcing labs to adapt their processes to work with the software, ClinDx adapts to the way labs work. The comprehensive range of features, coupled with its flexibility, made it easy to adapt ClinDx to the pressing needs of COVID-19 testing labs. Looking into the future, the pandemic-related optimizations within ClinDx will let your lab respond quickly when the next contagion arrives while also taking care of all your routine clinical diagnostics needs.

That future is measured in decades, not years like most systems. ClinDx’s outstanding flexibility means it will adapt to whatever changes your lab goes through over time, scaling easily both vertically and horizontally as you add new assays and workflows. That means optimum return on investment (ROI) as benefits increase over time.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Automating your lab’s data management processes improves testing accuracy and frees staff to focus on more critical tasks. Generating barcode labels at the point of collection lets you track specimens at all points of the testing process. At the same time, removing manual transcription from your workflows eliminates transcription errors and costly retesting.


The pandemic response often seemed like a moving target for clinical diagnostic labs. New and modified Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) appeared almost daily. The demand for testing services expanded from molecular testing to rapid workplace testing to antibody testing and now we see the emphasis turning to identifying variants, even as we also slowly return to “normal” diagnostic testing.

Unlike canned applications, ClinDx makes it easy for clinical laboratories to respond to a changing healthcare landscape. You can add new assays, change workflows, and reformat physician reports without launching expensive development projects. Easy, user-friendly configuration options let your laboratory staff make these changes within minutes.

Accessible & Secure

As the pandemic diminishes, we can expect work-from-home requirements to ease but remote working will likely remain a permanent facet of the connected workplace. Given the sensitive nature of clinical testing, however, labs need a way to support onsite and offsite workers without compromising customer service.

ClinDx stores all patient, sample, and test data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud database. Available around the clock, ClinDx lets your laboratory’s staff access the information they need whether they are in the office or working from home. Integration with web patient and physician portals and EHRs/EMRs, as well as instruments, streamlines registration and accessioning, virtually eliminates errors and lets you communicate the status and results of each specimen to physicians or patients in timely, secure, and accurate fashion.

Rapid, Affordable Deployment

Alleviating the immediate pressures of your COVID-19 testing activities requires an affordable solution that works now without disrupting your operations. LabLynx can help you deploy ClinDx within a week so your lab can benefit from ClinDx’s features right away.

An expensive capital investment based on pandemic-level testing volumes would create financial risk for your lab given the potential for a sudden drop in demand. ClinDx offers an affordable alternative. The concurrent-user subscription model scales with demand for your lab’s testing services and makes it easier to manage your business.

Scalable for Clinical Diagnostics Labs Beyond the Pandemic

The features that make ClinDx ideally suited for your lab’s COVID-19 testing efforts will also benefit your lab’s traditional clinical diagnostic services. Without the need to hire a new developer, your staff can configure assays, workflows, and reports to support everything your lab did before the pandemic. ClinDx can integrate with your laboratory’s EHR/EMR systems, billing services and other functions to further streamline business processes and with support for healthcare standards such as HITECH, HIPAA, ASTM and CLIA, ClinDx can facilitate your compliance and accreditation efforts.

Get tighter control of your COVID-19 testing processes and improve all your clinical diagnostic services with the ClinDx informatics solution. To learn more, visit LabLynx or contact LabLynx at [email protected] or 866-LABLYNX (522-5969).

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