COVID Testing for Schools and Universities

With COVID-19 on the rise in many universities and schools around the country, many of these institutions are searching for ways to keep their students, faculty, and staff safe this school year. With the spread of the virus increasing amongst young people, the pressure for quick and accurate testing and reporting is also on the rise.

LabLynx has been leading the way to meet the needs of these institutions by delivering a COVIDLiMS solution with unprecedented speed. Our product can be live and operational within 1-3 weeks. LabLynx’s COVIDLiMS solution has built-in flexibility that allows each client to have exactly what they need and want.

The LabLynx COVIDLiMS Solution is a suite comprised of applications, databases, and a field kit. The ELab LIMS and database are at the center of the solution, managing all laboratory information with its cloud database powering the entire solution.

LabLynx has worked together with universities, using our COVIDLiMS, to create exactly the testing program they wanted, with unprecedented results. At one university, COVIDLiMS was rolled out and live in three weeks: complete with interfaces and web portal – a previously unheard-of achievement.

All students and staff were tested before they returned to classes – approximately 10,000 people in 8 days. The university is now processing about 1200 tests per hour. The LabLynx COVIDLiMS solution is supporting both their public health workflow and internal testing.

A university spokesman said, “The level of transformation and pace was unprecedented” and that we are “making history”.

If your lab, school, college, or university is looking to achieve similar results, don’t waste time – contact LabLynx at [email protected] or 866-LABLYNX (522-5969) to learn more, schedule a demo, and find out how we can meet your needs and your budget!

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