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What makes the LabLynx ELab LIMS unique?

Several things set LabLynx apart from other LIMS companies. Things that matter, like real value for money, real people with lab backgrounds just like you, who really care about your issues and goals, and the authentic leadership that means you get the best, full-featured, flexible technology in our ELab LIMS solution to serve you…
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Laboratory Informatics Systems Help Eliminate Data Entry Errors

During the workday, laboratory personnel generate data and information. That intellectual material forms the basis of decisions about product quality, research directions, someone’s health, and other matters. Data and information must be entered into reports, computer systems, databases, and software packages to be useful. While that seems like a trivial…
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Informatics in R&D

Download PDF In an earlier article, “LIMS In Manufacturing,” we looked at the role laboratory information management systems (LIMS) played in manufacturing/production operations, as well as their relationship to other control/database systems. This article is going to shift the focus to the source of those manufactured/production operations: research and development.…
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Informatics in the Environmental Laboratory

Download PDF Can a laboratory operate successfully without the use of laboratory informatics? To some, the answer is always “yes, informatics makes it easier, but it isn’t a requirement”, and that is true in a technical sense, but in reality, the practical answer is “not anymore”. The use of informatics…
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