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Healthcare: Choosing Convenience Over Primary Care

In our lifetimes, health is the truest form of wealth, and maintaining health and a high standard of living depends on access to and availability of quality healthcare. To cure the numerous illnesses that one could suffer throughout their lifetime,

Informatics Tools in Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics: From the doctor’s office to a more complex organization… Diagnostic laboratory testing can involve quite a few moving parts: health insurance companies, having the doctor’s orders directed to them and the lab, dealing with forms (or completing them

Soil Testing Labs Offer Insights Beyond Crop Maintenance

When we think about the Earth beneath our feet, we often overlook its remarkable complexity. Unseen to the naked eye, the soil holds a wealth of information crucial for agriculture, environmental management, construction, and beyond. Soil testing laboratories play a

Determining the Best LIMS Vendor for Your Lab

Choosing the best laboratory information management system (LIMS) for your lab will require careful consideration and typically starts with an introductory meeting with a LIMS vendor. During the initial consultation, you can expect to have a detailed discussion about your

28 Signs Your Lab Might Need a LIMS

There comes a point in every lab where the way things work just doesn’t anymore. Data gets scattered across paper files, spreadsheets, and a patchwork of laboratory systems. Manual processes can’t keep up with rising demand. Ultimately, customer satisfaction plummets

LIMS Functionality Spotlight – Portal for Oil Exploration Labs

Does your oil exploration laboratory need a client portal and why? For most of us, including oil testing labs, clients are the most important part of our laboratory’s business, whether they are external or internal. Let’s consider this: how easy,